Ceramic Kiln for Truckee High

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Callie Martin
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I am hoping to spend the grant money from Excellence in Education on a new, locally made, electric kiln for Truckee High School’s Ceramics Program. I teach both art and ceramics at THS. Although this is only my second year working for TTUSD, this is my thirteenth year teaching high school art. I have researched and purchased three other kilns for different school districts and know the immediate improvement it offers to a ceramics program. It is the most needed and necessary piece of equipment in a ceramics studio.

Benefits of Program

Our current kiln is old and overused, with major repairs needed to fire at the level of high school ceramics students. We have 66 very talented ceramics students this semester and over 100 total for the school year. A new kiln would allow these students more freedom to explore high fire glazes and advanced firing techniques. I have a few students who have excelled in ceramics recently and are interested in taking AP 3-D Design in the 2022-2023 school year, which would most definitely need a new kiln for such work. Having a new kiln would also allow me to fire twice as much work in a given week. I hope to keep our old kiln outside and replace it with the new kiln only for glaze firings. 

Success of Program

A new kiln would bring much excitement and creative possibilities to our program. This year, students have worked alongside me, watching the struggles our kiln presents with underfired work, broken pieces, and the inability to use our high fire glazes. I hope to reinvest in some high-quality glazes, underglazes, and stains for the 2022-2023 school year. I know students can do much more than what our current equipment allows. 


The new kiln would go into use by Fall 2022. I recently learned that there will be three 18-week (semester-long) ceramic classes over the 2022-2023 school year! This makes a new kiln even more critical for the success of this program. I will use our old kiln outside as a bisque-only kiln. The new Cress kiln will be installed into our well-vented kiln room for higher fire glaze techniques.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

No. As I am the only Fine Arts teacher at Truckee High, I will be the only teacher using it. However, it will benefit all future ceramics students for years to come!

No, any kiln maintenance or repairs will be taken out of my CTE budget and will be outsourced directly to the Reno company.
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$4299 - FTX28UPF-240 or 208
Other funding sources

Ms. Mallonee has helped me find funds for 3 new wheels this school year, and some new work tables for our outdoor patio. I am very much hoping to receive grant money for this future purchase!

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