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Lorenzo Worster
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I would like to update my class library to create a more enticing selection for my 6th graders. My students helped to create a list of books based on student interest, topic, and author diversity. 

Benefits of Program

All students who come through my classroom will get access to a more diverse offering of books that interest today's students and current topics of interest. 

Success of Program

Having a library of books that entice students to read as much as possible would be the definition of success. The list was also generated with a diversity of ideas, genders, and cultures in mind. 

I also have included a class set of the new Bill Gates book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, which is a great book that fits in with my semester-long physical science-based climate change unit. The book focuses on solutions and bases those ideas on current evidence and the amount of carbon reduction each solution will generate. 


I will buy the books from Word After Word. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I am my own grade level and subject team, so yes. :) 

Yes, It will be sustainable in that the books will remain in my library.
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$1346 - Book list
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Not yet.