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Stephanie Blume
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Currently Truckee Elementary School has a quality kiln and several teachers that utilize our clay and our kiln. Students at our school site enjoy clay projects within the classroom. In past years we have offered morning enrichment classes for students, clay being one of them. We would like to extend our possibilities for students by offering pottery wheels for small group instruction during school and in our before and after school programs.

Benefits of Program

The benefits to adding pottery wheels to our school site include several areas. First, adding more art to our before, during, and after school enrichment programs benefit all of our students. Second, students that need quiet mental health opportunities integrated into their day may find 15 to 20 minutes on a pottery wheel extremely supportive. Lastly, pottery wheels would help support our before school enrichment classes. 

Success of Program

In past years, Mrs. Krengel and I have taught a before school clay class serving up to 15 students for our TES enrichment classes. We love teaching these classes and supporting children in learning the art and craft of clay design.


Adding 3 to 4 pottery wheels would greatly improve our morning enrichment clay class for 2022 -2023 school year. For example, I could have 3 to 4 children on clay wheels while 4 to 5 more students are working on handwork clay projects all in the same room. Student's in the class would then switch during the next class. All students in the class would be having opportunities with a pottery wheel. Additionally, students from many of our other classrooms could utilize the pottery wheels during the school day. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This investment in pottery wheels would support all children at every grade level. 

This would be sustainable for many years to come. Pottery wheels can serve our school site both during the school year and during our summer education programs. The machines are high quality stainless steel with simple motors that can be repaired in Reno as needed.
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$157 - YaeKoo 25CM 350W Electric Pottery Wheel Machine Ceramic Clay Work Forming Machine
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Yes, I have spoken to my principal and it was recommended that I apply to Excellence in Education.


Thank you for your dedication to Excellence in Education and for your time.