Connect-a-Scooter for Intermediate School PE

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Meghan Maciel
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We would like to incorporate a unique “tool” into our PE program, to enhance our PE program and the activities we can offer in our limited space. The tool is called a Connect-A-Scooter”(see links below for visuals) and the scooters allow students of all ability levels to participate in more activities. The scooter units have a unique design that will allow us to mix up games and create new ones while integrating California PE standards with physical, social and cognitive enhancement as well as incorporating diverse equipment into a program with space and setting challenges.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Scooter activities offer challenges to students that enhance physical development, social and emotional development and cognitive development. In addition, scooters are a great tool for incorporating students of multiple learning abilities. Students with limited lower body mobility will be able to maneuver the scooters and feel included in an exciting way with their peers. Students with mental and/or emotional learning disabilities can benefit similarly. The PE Department at NTS just added fifth and sixth grade to its curriculum and the scooter units would provide additional equipment and diversity to the PE program that we offer, and is appropriate for all grades, five- eight. Adding scooter games to the physical education curriculum gives children a chance to take their own ideas into create endless movement opportunities. Propelling a small board on wheels and controlling the speed and direction are exciting and great fun.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success of scooters as an addition to our PE program could be measured in numerous ways. In addition to informal observations of the students’ physical growth and cooperative skills improvement, results can be compared over the course of trimesters and years. We will be able to assess if students' various components of fitness are improving by observation as well as comparing results from the yearly Physical Fitness tests. We would look forward to feedback from classroom teachers about any improvements cognitively at routine Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings. Rubrics of skills taught can be used to more formally assess the student's' individual progress over time.

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At North Tahoe School, PE classes need to share appropriate spaces with North Tahoe High School. With three Intermediate classes at one time, this can pose a challenge. Scooters are a great tool when using smaller spaces such as the cafeteria and dance room. Additionally, the scooters can be used in larger areas such as the gym. Physically, scooters are an effective tool where children can continue to develop gross and fine motor skills. Scooters enable children to increase their balance, cardiovascular endurance muscle strength and muscle endurance as well as body composition which address all five components of fitness aligned with the California State standards.There are almost endless games utilizing scooters that are age appropriate for students in grades 5-8. Scooter tag activities and relays keep students involved and create various levels of intensity. Scooter team games encourage team play, which focus on motor skills and enhances communication and sportsmanship. Scooter games help children develop an active identity that allows them to understand the value of physical activity. Scooter play can enhance social and cognitive development as well. We will use scooter activities in order to offer children many opportunities to work in groups and learn how to communicate and solve problems. Cooperative play also instills sensitivity to others’ needs and values. Working cooperatively in teams or small groups can provide situations that require self-control and emotional management. In addition, we will incorporate interdisciplinary activities, such as Money Tag. This scooter game inspires thought-provoking ideas and cognitive challenges in a physical education class.

These scooters are highly durable and with simple maintenance (ie new wheels on occasion) they should last for years. I don't anticipate needing further funding for this equipment.
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These scooters would be available to all staff and students at NTS for years to come.


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There are no other funding sources for this equipment at this time.