Cross Country Ski Equipment for Glenshire TK - 2

Grant Applicant
Margie Lapoint
Grant Co-applicants
Terrina Woodard
Mary Berelson
Jean Fournier
School Site
Glenshire Elementary
Grant Category
Life Skills & Health
Physical Education
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

We are requesting grant funding for cross country skis, bindings, boots, and poles for Glenshire Elementary  School that will be used by the all students in the primary grades including transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first, and second grades. Over twenty plus years ago, an Excellence In Education grant helped Glenshire Elementary purchase its school's first cross country equipment.  That equipment has been loved, cared for by teachers, well used by thousands of students and used far beyond its life expectancy! The binding system on our old skis is outdated rendering them unable to be repaired, as well as the ski themselves have the wood bases now protruding through the ski surface. The crown pattern on the bottom is worn down to the point of the skis not able to get grip as it  is too smooth from all of the use. 

We thoroughly researched the best cost and options for purchasing new ski equipment for our school and are requesting $15,000 in grant funds for 80 sets of Fischer skis, bindings, boots and poles in a variety of sizes that will be shared by our four grade levels. Details of the equipment are listed below in the budget section. 

Our school has a rich history of blending classroom learning and outdoor learning in our large greenbelt area adjacent to our school in all seasons. This grant funding allow us to continue to our 24 year tradition of introducing our youngest learners to cross country skiing both around our campus and on field trips to Tahoe Donner Adventure Center.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

WHO: All 260+ students (over half of our school student body) in our four primary grades (TK, K, 1st and 2nd) will use our cross country ski equipment many times per season. Our primary grade teachers share the equipment in an organized sign-up system so that our program coordination runs smoothly. Each class skis either at school on our large field, in our adjacent greenbelt area, at Tahoe Donner Adventure Center or at all three! Having equipment enables us to go at a moment’s notice on campus when conditions are right and for short periods of time to take an exercise break, as well as taking “planned in advance” half day field trips to Tahoe Donner. 

BENEFITS: Our youngest students are often first introduced to all winter sports through our cross country ski program at school, and we are thrilled to be able to offer that introduction for students of all socioeconomic groups since many do not learn to ski outside of school. Historically, we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts, but sedentary activities such as video games and interactive electronics have given rise to a new generation of students who often don’t spend much time outside in winter. Our teaching staff integrates our local hospital’s BeFit Program throughout learning inside our classrooms, but we also know that gross motor activities such as cross country skiing help students develop balance, coordination and sensory awareness. Because our students ski repeatedly each year we see not only their physical skills grow but also their confidence and pride in their improvements.The cross country equipment would tie in with the California State Standards for for PE and gross motor elementary requirements. Happier confident students are more enthusiastic learners. 

Research shows that children who have positive experiences in nature grow up to be adults who care about the environment. Studies show that individuals who advocate for protecting the environment are typically people who were introduced to outdoor activities at a young age. In summary, the benefits of learning cross country skiing at a young age are many from physical growth such as developing balance, coordination and sensory awareness to building confidence and helping to create a new generation of lifelong outdoor enthusiasts.

Success of Program (10 points)

We’d like to write jokingly here that to measure the success of over two decades of enriching education with cross country skiing at Glenshire School, one only need to look at the delaminated skis, poles with missing baskets or straps and worn out boots! The serious response however, includes the idea that in the six (or seven) years a student attends Glenshire School they are provided an incredibly rich classroom experience with integration of visual and performing arts, science, technology, math and language arts. As a whole school our high quality academics are focused on providing 21st century learning components such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication and citizenship. Still, our staff values looking at the whole child and making decisions based on what is best for the whole child developmentally. To achieve those 21st century components we must have well rounded joyful students. Cross country skiing is one way we balance a well rounded education for our students, especially with our youngest learners. Skiing enhances our existing curriculum and strengthens a Glenshire student’s overall experience. 

On a recent ski field trip to Tahoe Donner Adventure Center a Glenshire teacher (with 20 students behind her) was stopped by a former GES parent, whose daughter now races on a college cross country team, and the parent profoundly thanked the teacher for continuing to teach students cross country skiing “all these years”. Her daughter was introduced to cross country in kindergarten at Glenshire and has maintained her healthy active ski habits for over twelve years - it is safe to say she’ll be a lifelong athlete. Students and parents appreciate teachers taking time to “go the extra mile” to give students rich experiences such as skiing in addition to all they receive in the classroom. 

It is important to note that our third through fifth grade students also cross country ski but they are not requesting new equipment at this time as their equipment has been replaced recently. Likewise all of the equipment we purchase can now, and in the future, can  be interchanged with their existing equipment should the need arise since the new product has a universal binding system that works on all brands of boots and skis. It worth mentioning that all graduating Glenshire students move comfortably into the popular and successful Alder Creek Middle School Nordic Team. Exposure to cross country skiing throughout the elementary years best prepares the students for success at the middle school team level. 

Implementation (10 points)

Our current program is already implemented and has been successful for 24 years at our school. We will continue the program as always with the new equipment taking place of the old. Pacos is our local ski shop which will be ordering and receiving the equipment, as well as  preparing the skis for us. There is a charge, which is included in this grant, for their shop's services.   Upon approval of the grant, skis will be ordered asap, and received in the fall through the shop. We will be ready to use them late fall or right after the New Year. 


Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This equipment will be shared by all students in four grade levels, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grade. Many Glenshire kindergarten classes have a second grade "Buddy Class” where second graders are partnered with kindergartners for a variety of projects throughout the year. Meaningful relationships develop from having Buddy Class mentors help younger students. Having this equipment allows for two classes, such as a kindergarten buddy class and a second grade class to ski together. This year when classes attempted to ski with their  Buddy Class we had to rent equipment to do so. We also hope that two kindergarten classes can go together as well without renting additional equipment and with the just right ordering of sizes, we should be able to do this. 

The skis will be housed in a central location so our PE teachers could also use the equipment out back in our Greenbelt. This supports our California State Standards for PE for kids of all ages. 

Our estimate for sustainability of this equipment is a 20 to 22 year lifespan. However, it is possible that it could last longer. We selected durable equipment that will last. Nordic equipment has certainly evolved over the years and it is finally at a place where pieces and parts are much more easily interchanged between companies than before. Now the two main ski companies are using the same binding system which allows for all boots to fit into the new bindings, should boots or bindings need to be replaced. Skis last a very long time if maintained properly. All that is needed is a simple roll-on Swix wax which should be applied each season, or more often should the conditions be wet. All teachers using the equipment will help maintain and store the equipment in an organized fashion so it is always ready for the next class to use. We are researching for a storage cart that will help us stay organized. Yes, if funded, our grant will be fully sustainable. We should not need additional funding from EEF to continue our program.

Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$6268 - Fischer Sprint Crowns with bindings (80 pair)
$3355 - Fischer Sprint Boots (80 pair)
$1200 - Swix Poles
$2165 - Pacos Charge (Processing and Preparation)
Budget Notes

The grant total cost (equipment, tax, shop charges comes to a total of $14058.30. 

For the remaining balance of the grant we hope to purchase some Wax, brushes and ski straps to help maintain and keep our new equipment organized. 

Other funding sources

To increase the lifetime sustainability of all of our new equipment we are also planning to purchase a large rolling storage cart that we did not include as part of this grant in order to keep the cost down.  We plan to ask Glenshire School’s PTO for funding for the cart. Therefore, we do not wish to ask them for funds for the equipment, just the cart.  We do not have a manufacturer source for this cart yet- we are researching what companies might make something that will fit our need. 

We do not currently have other funding sources for cross country ski equipment. We checked with our principal and our site does not have funds for this ski equipment. 

For the remaining balance of the grant we hope to purchase some Wax, brushes and ski straps to help maintain and keep our new equipment organized. 


Thank you for reading this grant. Our TK-2 teaching teams are very grateful for every joyful moment our students have experienced on cross country skis since our last ski grant over 20 years ago.  When implemented, we invite any Excellence In Education board members to join us for a cross country ski adventure at Glenshire School.