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Kim Krengel and Kindergarten Team TES
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At TES, we have been working on LTRS training for The Science of Reading, as a school site.  In Kindergarten, we have implemented the "Fundations" phonics program and have had excellent results in our reading scores since our start.  The emphasis is phonics based, and decoding is the skill needed to read, supported by this program.

As a Kindergarten whole, we do not have decodable readers for all children to use in class or for sending home in our book bags.  We have had, and are not using F&P leveled readers anymore, as the Science of Reading Community emphasizes decoding for reading fluency and continued reading growth and success.

In the Geodes® Level K Classroom Library, children build on an early understanding of story structure to graduate from wordless picture books and sound search books to duet books, where students practice decoding words, phrases, and simple sentences. From the very first book, students begin to build knowledge.

These libraries are beautiful, colorful standards based reading books.  These will be used by all students for years to come!  They are not consumables.

We are asking for a class set of the Geodes Level K Classroom library, for each of our  Kindergarten classes, 4 total.


Benefits of Program

As this book collection comes in sets of 20copies, each class would have the benefit of having a library to meet the needs of all our students, and to differentiate amongst our students. These are not consumables so we will be able to use them for many years to come.  80 students will be served each year.


Success of Program

This Library will help our students develop a love for reading, develop fluency, and comprehension skills while learning Science and Social Studies concepts  which are part of our standards.

The Kindergarten collection has the following modules:  5 Senses, Once Upon a Farm, America Then and Now, and The Continents.



This grant would be implemented immediately by dispersing the materials and start using the books for reading instruction right away, differentiating of course.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, This grant is for all the Kindergartners at Truckee El.

These materials will last for years to come.
Amount Funded
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$11085 - 3 Kindergarten Libraries @ $3695.00 each
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There are not funds available for these books.

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Truckee Elementary is paying for one set. The request is now for three. Thank you!