Donner Trail Tower Garden Growing System K-5

Grant Date
Grant Applicant
Ashley Staron
Grant Category
Amount Funded
Description (10 points)

This grant if for the purchase of a Tower Garden Growing System for grades K-5 at Donner Trail Elementary. This will support our mulit-age project based learning model through offering a botany club experience to the students. They will work in K-5 mixed groups to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs year round. This grant includes the PVC growth tower, the base, lighting system, cage, starter seeds, and plant minerals. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

This program will support the instruction of the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will gain better understanding of science concepts, level of engagement, collaborative work produced, and leadership skills. Additionally, this will support our current worm compost project. We will be able to use the worm compost in the grow tower to bring our other experiment more full circle and increase knowledge of food sources and decreasing food waste. 

Success of Program (10 points)

The success of this program will be measured by the level of proficiency in science concepts, harvested crops, cooperation between students K-5, demonstrated leadership in students, and sustainability to collect and regrow seeds from harvest. 

Implementation (10 points)

This will be used as an year long project to foster intermediate grade leadership (4th and 5th instructing K-3). Student will sow seeds, monitor growth, alter growth variables, interpret data, harvest crops, and make healthy dishes. 

Seeds will be harvested from crops, as well as, purchased with PTO classroom and science funds as needed. There is a 1 year warranty on all equipment. There is no additional parts needed after initial purchase.
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This equipment will be used school-wide K-5 for students for long term plant study through Botany Club and other science instruction and experiments supporting Next Generation Science Standards. 

Budget (10 points)
Budget Item(s)
$525 - Grow Tower
$219 - Indoor Grow Lights
$65 - Tower Garden Dolly
$60 - Support Cage
$70 - Extension Kit
$40 - Tower Garden Mineral Blend
$20 - Seedling Starter Kit
Amount Requested
Budget Notes

Grow Tower - $525.00

Indoor Grow Lights-$219.00

Tower Garden Dolly-$65.95

Support Cage-$60.00

Extension Kit-$70.00

Tower Garden Mineral Blend-$40

Seedling Starter Kit-19.95

Sub total:$1,003.90


Shipping $123.50