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Lynn Akers
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Update the outdated and incomplete DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment, 4-8) Kit. DRA is a classroom-based reading assessment designed for on-level and struggling 4th through 8th-grade students.

Benefits of Program

The DRA kit helps identify students’ skills in reading fluency and comprehension to help plan for instruction in reading engagement. The DRA kit provides materials to help monitor student growth in a variety of crucial reading skills and strategies. The kit also includes support and forms to help keep parents, teachers, and other stakeholders informed about the level of reading achievement.

Success of Program

SELS has utilized the DRA kits from K-8th grade since the school's inception. The information in the DRA has helped track student reading achievement from Kinder through 8th and helps all stakeholders quickly identify a student’s reading level, plan for instruction, and focus on fluency and comprehension.


Students are all assessed in the early fall to monitor reading levels and help identify struggling readers. To ensure continued progress, many students are assessed again in the winter and spring. Classroom teachers and other support staff can use the DRA training materials and the included Teacher Guide to learn how to administer the DRAs. Any stakeholder can use information from the DRA to help identify skills and progress.

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The DRA kit (4-8) is shared by grades 4th – 8th grade and among support staff.

The last DRA kit (Second Edition) lasted over ten years, but a new edition (DRA Third Edition) has been released. The DRA3 modernizes the assessment with new titles, assessor tools, and analysis of student populations. Our current edition is missing a few titles from some levels, and some students have read all the books within their reading level.
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$408 - DRA Kit