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Cindy Maciel - Truckee Preschool Program
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Music and movement are an important component in healthy development for all children, especially in the early years. Preschoolers learn through motion and hands-on activities. Music is not only important for development but also for social and cultural connections to one another. We would like to build a music library for the preschoolers with sturdy musical instruments and activities to enhance movement in spacial awareness. 

We want to be able to provide sturdy musical equipment that will hold up to the demands of the preschool activity. We would like enough equipment to do in small groups allowing the children to have the same piece of equipment along with doing large group activities with a variety of equipment. The staff is very committed to using the tools of music and movement to help our children with spacial awareness, transitions, cooperation with each other, and express their emotions in a creative way.


Benefits of Program

Children naturally love music and are wired to move. The benefits of music and movement for the zero to five population is an important component of healthy development in the early years. Music and movement enhance fine and large motor skills, provide a safe space for social-emotional development, and an ability to connect to one another. Incorporating movement helps in developing the vestibular system, which lets a child know where they are in space, and helps the right and left brain learn to work together. Music and movement together help develop social skills, creativity and imagination, and expression of emotions. 

The instruments will be located in the music area of our classroom allowing access during self-chosen play. The children enjoy the music area and are yearning for more opportunities to interact with musical instruments through their play. Having access will allow them to be able to expand their play with new materials. The preschoolers already use this area, with new equipment they will be able to scaffold their play experience. 


Success of Program

Singing and chanting can help make routine activities and transitions smoother and more enjoyable. Adding these activities to our program in a more authentic way will show our children how to cooperate with one another, help with developing appropriate behavior in the classroom and create bonds between the early learning and care teachers and the children. The true measure of success will be seen when the children participate in music programs within the upper grades because of their exposure to real instruments in the early years. 

As per our environmental assessment tool Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) we scored low in our availability to and variety of musical instruments in our music and movement center in the classroom. To move our score up from a 2.5 to a 5 we need to build up access to music equipment in our program. 



We would like to purchase equipment to be used starting our 2022-2023 school year. The beauty of this ask is the equipment will be able to be enjoyed by future preschoolers that enroll in the years to come.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The children that push into our program from our Special Ed Preschool program will have access to the instruments. They will be able to participate in structured and unstructured music and movement opportunities within the preschool program day. Teachers from our special ed preschool program are also welcome to borrow instruments and use within their programing day.

Yes, if funded we will set up new materials to enhance our music and movement access. In the future we would love to be able to add new instruments to our collection. We may need to replace some instruments after wear and tear. With the ability to purchase sturdy instruments they should be able to withstand the demands of our preschoolers.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$285 - African Drums Variety of sizes
$320 - Rhythmic Scarves and ribbon sticks Set of 48
$70 - Rain Sticks
$120 - Tibetan Singing Bowls
$340 - Shakers, maracas, tambourine instruments
$260 - Percussion instruments (drums, bongos, sticks, cajons)
$270 - Rhythm Band Deluxe instruments Bamboo Kit
$125 - Glockenspiel with storage bag
$110 - Hand Bells (13) with storage bag
$60 - Thumb Pianos