Expanding Liebler's Classroom Library

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Shannon Liebler
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Benefits of Program

By expanding my classroom library my students will be able to read a variety of of texts while never falling short in finding new and exciting genres to get into.  My classroom library is currently small and I have found that when students finish a book, they struggle to find another book that they might enjoy in the classroom and have to wait until we go to library.  With that, they are losing valuable time to increase their passion for reading.  At this time of year, some of my high readers have gone through all of the books, my mid level readers are trying to. maintain their passion for reading and my lower students are at a loss with the amount of books around their level to bump them up.  I have seen my classes passion for reading amp up so much this year and I want to support them in that more by having plenty of books for them to choose from when they finish their library book or another one of my books. 

Success of Program

Success would be defined by having options for students so that they can continue to work for a passion for reading and recognize that it is not a chore.  I have AR challenges in my classroom that really gets the students excited to read, so the next step is never falling short in choices for them. 


The grant will be implemented as soon as I receive the books.  I have purchased a few book sets throughout the year and the students are SO excited when I add them to our classroom library.  They are always picked out right away.  

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes,  in our Walk to Learn groups I sometimes have the students read to self if I am assessing students.  Many times Ms. Lewis' kids have been in my room and found a book that they are interested in and I always allow them to take it with them! 

It should be fully sustainable as books can be reused for a long time.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$43 - Big Nate Book Series 8 copy
$25 - Wings of Fire Series 1-5
$40 - Wild Robots 1-2
$31 - Magic Treehouse Graphic Novel Set (Starter Set)
$33 - Little Sister, Babysitter's Club Set 1-4
$12 - Ivy and Bean Series (Treasure Box)
$10 - Ghosts (1)
$25 - Nancy Drew Series 1-4
$21 - The City of Ember Series 1-4
$46 - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Set 1-16
$143 - The Sisters Grimm Set 1-9 (hardcover)
$34 - Cat Kid Comic Club Set 1-3
$37 - I Survived Series 1-10
$45 - Who Would Win Set 10 set
$23 - Bad Guys Book Set 1-5
Other funding sources

Yes, there are no other funds. 


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