First Grade Leveled Readers Enrichment

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Marnie Anderson
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This grant will provide the funds to refresh and replenish our first grade leveled reading books.  The collection of 70 books is leveled D-J and includes a wide variety of fonts, layouts, illustrations and genres at each level.  There are informational and narrative texts at each level, and the collection is culturally diverse and gender fair.  These books will be used by individual students so each child is reading at the optimum level for their success, and will provide the students and opportunity to read independently as well as with another (teacher, aide, parent, older student, or peer). The collections which were earlier funded by Excellence in Education are our main source of materials for Reading in first grade. The collections need to be fortified at the above mentioned levels so as to provide enough for each student to have five books at their level at a time. The problem we have encountered with the collections is that the students tend to cluster around certain levels at different times of the year, and this collection would really help to alleviate the deficiencies.

Grade(s) first grade

Elementary School

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The book sets would help fortify our existing collections of leveled readers. The set consists of individual leveled books in a variety of genres. The students read a book at their level with an adult - either a teacher, aide, helper, or parent. They then add it to their book bag or book box to read independently or with a buddy during Read to Self or Read to Someone time during the Daily 5 literacy block. Having access to these books makes reading success possible for all children in the class - the struggling students all the way to the advanced. This is our main means of consequential literary support for our first graders.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success will be measured as the students progress in their Running Record levels. fluency, sight words, and comprehension. The students will each be able to have five books each at their optimum learning reading level. The students can thus make the most progress possible with these materials. The books are relevant, informative, and entertaining. 

Implementation (10 points)

Implementation would be immediate. The books will be added to our existing collections as soon as they are received. The program is already up and running in each of our classrooms, so the books would simply be a means of enhancing and strengthening what we have.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the grant will absolutely be shared with the entire first grade team! This grant is engineered so that all of our first grade classrooms will have equal access to the leveled books. Each of us currently have a classroom set previously funded by Excellence in Education, and this grant would help augment the existing sets. 

This grant would be a means to reinforce and strengthen our already existing book sets. They are used daily by the children so they may need to be expanded or replaced, but not for another 5-10 years. We would really appreciate this upgrade!
Amount Funded
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$1725 - 3 Lauren Collections ($575 each), total cost $1725