Fish Aquarium Tank and accessories

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Cathy Tsaniff
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Description (10 points)

Donner Trail would like to purchase a 20 gallon fish tank and necessary accessories to hatch Lahontan Cutthroat Trout eggs in the classroom. Donner Trail has been raising the trout for several years and would like to take our investigations to the next level by comparing and contrasting different environments of the trout or comparing the trout to different species. We would like to purchase an additional fish tank to enhance our learning in these areas and do more inquiry based learning.   

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The tank and accessories would provide a learning environment for students to research, observe, and compare different environments by changing variables of the conditions predict and observe its impact on the fish. From this evidence, students can make claims, gather evidence, and adjust or validate their claim.

Success of Program (10 points)

Students will be able to conduct scientific inquiry based research and will be able to test, record findings and determine how different variables impact the environment.

Implementation (10 points)

We receive the eggs in the Spring of each year.  Students will be able to perform investigations immediately once fish are received.

The 20-gallon tank and accessories will be used for many years. No additional funding is required.
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All students will benefit from this grant.

Budget (10 points)
Budget Item(s)
$120 - 20-Gallon Fish Tank
$130 - Pumps, filers, habitat (rocks) and water stabilization drops, etc.
$150 - Chiller
Amount Requested
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