FlipFORM Risers: Essential tools for teaching music performance decorum (VAPA.MU:Pr6)

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This grant application is requesting the purchase of 5- flipFORM risers for an array of classroom and school performance applications in alignment with the CA Visual and Performing Arts Standard: MU:Pr6 Demonstrate performance decorum and audience etiquette. FlipFORMS are versatile, multi-position platforms for elementary music rooms or theaters. They can be folded into seated, standing or platform positions, are lightweight and contain pocket hand grips and recessed wheels for easy moving and storage. In the classroom, 5 flipFORMS will: provide an invaluable tool for teaching performance decorum and stage etiquette, allow an entire class to safely stand in traditional choral formation, serve as a stage for in-class or theater performances, serve as a bench or instrument stand and allow students in the rear of the classroom to have better visibility of the teacher and TV presentations. When necessary, these flipFORMS can be shared with colleagues and easily moved or stored standing straight up to maximize classroom space. A set of 5-FlipFORM risers will enhance every music unit; providing a tool for performance decorum, classroom safety and social emotional engagement among students. 


Benefits of Program

5-flipFORM risers will directly benefit nearly every student in Truckee Elementary School as well as enhance the music enrichment curriculum. First, these stable, low standing risers will greatly promote students’ sense of safety; allowing them to focus on singing, acting or choreography. Second, these risers help develop student self confidence through singing in close proximity to other competent singers. Third, having the students sing on risers puts them in a performance mindset and better prepares them for school performances. Finally having the students on risers in close proximity greatly supports classroom management; placing the teacher closer to every student.  

Additional beneficiaries of the flipFORMS are the other teachers and staff in the school. Since the flipFORMS are mobile, other classes could easily utilize them for classroom performances, plays or even student presentations. A single platform could provide a student, principal or presenter an elevated position to maximize their visibility and projectibility and provide a physical space to promote a presentation mindset.

Success of Program

Successful outcome of the grant reward will first be visible in every music enrichment class at Truckee Elementary. Risers are staples of the music classroom and will be utilized every day for standing, singing, sitting and listening. Success will be measured by students' understanding and ability to execute performance decorum for: singing in choral formation on risers, walking on and off risers, maintaining safe physical space in close proximity to others and ideal performance standing posture; all of which are elements of TK-5th Grade VAPA Anchor Standard 6: MU:Pr6 Demonstrate Performance decorum and audience etiquette. This Visual and Performing Arts Standard is critical for students to develop in preparation for middle and high school band or choir experience. 


The grant’s material reward will be immediately implemented into the music enrichment classroom. The 5- flipFORMS will live at the rear of the classroom in their three-tier choral formation. Students will have assigned seating on the risers to maximize engagement and minimize distractions. When necessary, the flipforms will be folded up and stored against the back wall of the classroom. For school performances, the risers will be moved to the stage in the gymnasium. Likewise, for special events such as presentations or guest speakers, classroom teachers may utilize the risers.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The flipFORMS may also be utilized across the Enrichment team. For PE, the flip forms may be used as a three tier platform for medal ceremonies or even platforms for announcers to be better seen and heard. For science, they can also be used for individual or group presentations to promote a performance mindset.

Once the grant has been awarded there will be no further need of funding for sustainability. In the event that the risers are broken or wear out beyond their useability, funding may be requested for replacements.
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I spoke with my principal who stated that there are no alternative funds for the purpose of my grant. 


The above quote from West Music was roughly $900 less that the quotes from the other two available vendors. HOORAY!

Thank you so much for your consideration,