Flocabulary for NTS

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North Tahoe School
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School Site
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Description (10 points)

The main objective of Flocabulary is to engage students and to increase achievement across the curriculum. Flocabulary's "Week in Rap" presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Videos let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Flocabulary is a highly engaging academic tool that creates videos, interactive activities, and assessments for students in all subject areas. Flocabulary's multisensory approach of using music, rhythm, and rhyme is supported by academic research. Music facilitates memorization and recall of academic content, while the use of hip-hop and other culturally-relevant media increases student engagement. This supports all our students from English learners to struggling readers to advanced learners.

Success of Program (10 points)

NTS has a school-wide goal to increase our English/Language Arts CAASP scores by 5% at each grade level. In the 2016-17 school year, North Tahoe School's overall ELA scores increased from 56% meeting/exceeding standards to 59%.  In order to increase scores, the use of Flocabulary will support ELA curriculum and student engagement due to the content and style of the program.  

Implementation (10 points)

The methods for implementation are by teacher discretion. Flocabulary songs, videos, and exercises are designed to fit into the curriculum in a variety of ways. Some teachers will be using the program during Literacy (Reading) class, some during Language Arts and Social Studies, and Resource teachers have requested it for their classes.


A one-year subscription to Flocabulary is $96 per teacher. A site license for all teachers and students to have accounts is $2,000 (this year with a 10% discount). In years past Excellence in Education was kind enough to grant a full site license to ACMS. Last year at ACMS, ten teachers showed an interest in continuing a Flocabulary account. If NTS experiences the same success with Flocabulary as ACMS has, it is likely that NTS would continue to request funding for Flocabulary from Excellence in Ed based on the continued interest of students and teachers unless other funding becomes available.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

We are asking for Flocabulary for the site including all teachers and students. These teachers can share lessons with others, but only teachers with a digital subscription will have access to the videos and resources.

Budget (10 points)
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$1800 - Site Flocabulary Subscription
Amount Requested
Other funding sources

Yes, we discussed this as an opportunity to include in ELA classes and feel the subscription would be best routed through Excellence in Education if at all possible.