Fly FIshing: An Interpretive and Historic Experience

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Jennifer Jurosky
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Fly Fishing Club: An interpretive and historic experience:

In the interest of our students that care for the environment and want to make a difference, the connection with, and the experience of the Paiute offers a greater understanding of the original environmentalists.  Our fly fishing club has forged the beginnings of a powerful connection that has the potential to be something beyond what history can teach in our classrooms.  North Tahoe High School has forged a significant relationship with the Paiute of Pyramid Lake, the endpoint of the Truckee River. We have the support of an organization that provides socioeconomically disadvantaged youth the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that synthesizes local history, indigenous struggle, and the sport of fly fishing, “Cast Hope”. We have already established relations by attending an annual fly fishing event at Pyramid Lake where “Cast Hope” was distributing fly fishing equipment to socioeconomically disadvantaged youth.  The “Cast Hope” regional director and expert angler from Truckee, Mark Heron provided free lessons on fly casting to all participants. Other anglers from Alaska and Paiute Marvin Ricine provided their expertise in fly fishing to teach individuals how to cast and catch using their newly acquired fly rods.  We fished as a community of enthusiasts for six hours on the shores of Pyramid Lake.


 We have incorporated guest speakers that elicit the impact of dams and political decisions on tribal land.  The presentation during lunch from the first female Paiute fly fishing tour guide was impressive.  She discussed the watershed issue, political policy, and the distrust of indigenous individuals of government intervention for environmental protection.  Tribal elders commented on the interest of our students when discussing ecological issues with delight.  The bond that is being forged is beyond the expectation of your imagination.  Every interaction with the Pyramid Paiute has been enthusiastic and genuine in their desire to create this relationship with our school.  


The entry-level cost for fly fishing is significant.  Many students qualify to be supported by the regional “Cast Hope” program, but many students that are interested do not meet the financial requirements to be provided with free equipment and should not be denied this opportunity for enrichment. In the interest of the expansion of our club program and the potential that it has to provide a cultural exchange for our students and indigenous individuals that have provided our local history, I am requesting equipment to enable those that are unable to afford the equipment and do not meet the socioeconomic requirements of regional “Cast Hope” membership to be provided the opportunity to experience this fantastic opportunity to learn from the original stewards of our land, the Washoe and Paiute, while enjoying a sport that enables them to be a part of nature for a lifetime.  I am requesting this equipment to include those that may be excluded otherwise.  Already students have mistakenly come in during lunch to hang out and have determined that they are interested in learning about the Paiute concerns with the environmental issues that they have dedicated their tribal councils to address  We have been invited to tribal events that are not open to the public due to our interest and diligence.  Please allow us to expand our program by enabling any student that wants the experience, to have equipment on hand for the possibility of participation.  


Partial funding for any of our needs would be incredible.  Full funding would enable us to invite students when they are interested in participating in this incredible opportunity that I am dedicated to expanding.  Please allow our students to have the opportunity to have a chance at engaging in a sport that is life-changing in the context of history spoken by those that matter, the Paiute.  The local sport fishing location has provided the estimate for expenses that have been supporting the Paiutes in their endeavors to encourage a return to tradition through fly fishing.  Historical resources have been approved by tribal contacts as being factual and the fly fishing guide was recommended by an Alaskan angler as being accessible.  The storage containers are required to secure our club purchases. The fly-tying kits will be used to create community fundraising opportunities by providing local sports stores with “flies” tied by our students or community workshops for fishing enthusiasts. All written materials will be utilized in all history courses to improve student awareness of indigenous influence in our area. Partial or full funding would be appreciated. 


Thank you for your consideration


Benefits of Program

All students are welcome to participate in this opportunity to engage with the original environmentalists and stewards of our land locally.   As the program expands with the relationships that have been forged, different options will be available for student involvement. The entire student population of North Tahoe High School is invited to participate in events that appeal to them, including and not limited to historic information sessions on campus, opportunities to engage with Paiute Events (Salmon Runs, fish stocking events, fishing with Paiute kids every third Saturday, November through April), fly tying on campus with the club.  The club will be able to present in their Social Studies and Environmental Science courses when new information is learned about watersheds, governmental policy, and Paiute experiences throughout our local history.

Success of Program

Success feels like it has already occurred even with the limitations that we have had financially with our club.  The cultural exchanges that we have already been able to have that have led to enthusiasm from the Paiutes and "Cast Hope" outreach have been amazing.  Several of us have gone to Pyramid Lake and fished with tribal youth.  Matt Huron, the regional director of "Cast Hope" has been to North Tahoe during lunch to meet with students and the first Paiute licensed female fly fishing guide came and presented the history of the fish species and disruption caused by dams in the Truckee River.

Success will be measured by student participation in different events, activities, and lectures over time.  The options for participation will become more varied and often as we become connected through our attending different events.  Classrooms that are exposed to presentations by Fly Fishing Club members and those that choose to attend singular events can have a greater influence in their classes by sharing their knowledge and experience.


Implementation is occurring currently.  With the additional resources, we will be able to include more individuals in our program.  The intention of this grant is to increase involvement opportunities for all students that might just want to join us occasionally.  By having the equipment on hand, parents, siblings, significant others, etc can join us in forging our relationship bond with the Paiute.  We have already fished at Pyramid, had guest speakers in our class during lunch time from the tribe, and have a fly-tying session scheduled in the coming month.  We have a river fishing trip planned in May with expert anglers.  Any level of funding from this grant cycle will enable us to be more inclusive due to the accessibility of equipment.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This grant is meant to help establish a partnership between North Tahoe High School (all grade levels, subject areas, and social studies courses) and the Paiutes through cultural exchange.  Increased interest and organization will lead to the expansion of this program as students recognize the uniqueness of this experience, provided through cultural exchange.  

Sustainability is obtained in this particular grant with the equipment that can be offered to students that are unable to qualify for fishing equipment from the regional "Cast Hope" program. The fly-tying kits are meant to be used during scheduled activities with supervision. As the program expands, request for an event or activity-specific funding may be requested, but we are hoping to be able to fundraise by meeting the club requirements on campus annually. Partial or complete funding of this grant would be appreciated so that we are able to at minimum be able to invite those that show interest in our mission to participate on the "FLY", with the intent of creating traction for this rare opportunity to be connected to the land through indigenous teaching.
Amount Funded
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$254 - Amazon: Pyramid Books, storage containers, cooler.
$2500 - Mark Fore Strike: 10 fly rod set-ups, Curtis Creek Fly Fishing book, flies, nets, bug spray, Truckee River Maps, zingers, nipp
$704 - Cabelas: 10 fly tying kits
$588 - Transportation: TRANSPORTATION: Pyramid Lake: October-April 168 miles for 7 trips=1,176 miles @ 12 miles per gallon =98 gallon
Other funding sources

We are actively seeking additional funding.  We have been the beneficiaries of Cast Hope providing fly rods for our students that have qualified with the socioeconomic requirement. Utilization of the school vans will enable us to safely transport students to events. Cabelas and Mark Fore Strike have offered their expertise to teach our students casting, reading rivers, setting up our poles, and fly-tying. Thank you for your support!  All stakeholders that have been contacted have been incredibly positive and enthusiastic to promote the art, experience, community, and sport of fly fishing.

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Please give consideration to this grant.  It really is a tremendous opportunity for our community to connect with the Paiutes.  If it is not possible to fully fund this grant, we would be very appreciative of any amount that would allow us to work toward our goal of expanding exposure to this phenomenal opportunity for cultural exchange through fly fishing and all tribal events that we are invited to participate in. 

I have included the cost breakdown and the items that are included from each vendor in the attachment section with the original documentation.