Forensic Science Curriculum Enhancement with Facial Reconstruction

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Kathy Tallant
School Site
Truckee High School
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Art/ Music
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Mathematics & Science
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Description (10 points)

I am requesting to purchase two facial reconstruction labs.  Anthropology is one of the core disciplines in forensic science and facial reconstruction is an important part of forensic anthropology.  When bones are found, whether ancient or more recent, it is the goal of the anthropologist to determine who the person is. 

Skulls, long bones, and the pelvis can help determine sex, age, race, and stature.  A skull can also be used to reconstruct the person's facial features.  This technique is often used in forensic science.  It is based on the known consistency off tissue depths and muscle structure on different areas of a human face.  This is the basis for the forensic facial reconstruction lab I am requesting.

Each kit is a complete lab with materials for eight lab groups to complete this process from bare skull to complete face.  I am requesting two lab sets so there would be enough materials for two Forensic Science classes to conduct the lab at the same time.  Currently there are two sections of Forensic Science at Truckee High School.




Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students who take forensic science would be completing this lab.  Currently that equates to up to 62 students/year.  This number could potentially increase since the 9-week course is now a-g approved and has increased to 18 weeks.

This lab would be the culminating activity for the Anthropology Unit in my Forensic Science course.  I currently have labs that look at bone fragments and another lab that has groups of students analyze sets of bones to determine age, sx, race, and stature of the individual.  

Potentially, this lab could be used in Art and in Human Body systems as well.

Success of Program (10 points)

This lab would greatly enhance the current Anthropology unit in Forensic Science by adding a completely different component to anthropology.  Students would see the art within this science discipline.

This also incorporates a career-connection.  Many students are not aware that this discipline could actually be a career path.

The center of the lab, the skull, is a replica of the recently discovered remains of King Richard III.  Therefore, a history lesson could be incorporated into this lab as well.


Implementation (10 points)

I could implement this program immediately upon arrival, hopefully this year.  I currently am teaching two sections of Forensic Science and plan to teach the anthropology unit this spring.  I could add this lab at the end of the unit this year.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes.  It could be shared with Human Body systems and Art.  It could also be introduced to biology classes as a means to show students how scientists were able to reconstruct the faces of ancient humans and pre-human species.  We could also share with history classes as the face they reacreat is King Richard III's.


All supplies for this lab are reusable. No further funding would be needed.
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$2498 - 2 Facial Reconstruction Labs