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Caroline Piper
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My classroom library needs an infusion of diverse, new titles. I have noticed that there is a need for lower-level nonfiction books, more diversity in my titles, and more lower-level books in general in my classroom library. Nonfiction books tend to be more difficult for students to read and they tend to be written at a difficult level. Students need a lot of practice reading nonfiction text to identify main ideas and details and to synthesize information. I also need more books to reach reluctant readers and more books that reflect the diversity of both our community and the world. I would like to purchase about 130 new books for my classroom library for students to enjoy for years to come.

Benefits of Program

All fourth grade students will benefit from this grant. Students in my class in particular will benefit, as they will be surrounded by a wide array of high quality books. Students in other classrooms may benefit as well, as other fourth grade teachers can use the book order list I have compiled to order books for their classrooms as well. I plan on swapping out books regularly to display titles that are timely to our studies and popular among students in order to promote a culture of literacy. By increasing the number of books in my classroom that are at a second and third grade level, students who are reading below grade level will be able to choose and enjoy good fit books. Additionally, having more diverse titles, like “Aru Shah and the End of Time,” “Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus,” “When You Trap a Tiger,” and many others that were recommended by Shelby at “Word After Word”, more students will find their lives and the lives of others reflected in the books they read. Finally, by increasing my nonfiction book collection, students will have more opportunities to practice the difficult reading skills needed to comprehend nonfiction text.

Success of Program

Success for this grant will be measured by the number of students engaging with these texts. It will be successful when my classroom library displays intriguing books for students and when students are responding by picking, reading, and talking about these new titles. I am excited to lead book talks with my students, in which we sit in a circle and share favorite books. Success will be students independently engaging in a diverse range of books, increasing their reading stamina because they are reading at their level, and by reading to learn.


As soon as the funds become available, I will work with Sue Smith to place this order. Once the books come in, I will label and level each book (the level column on the spreadsheet will make this efficient), then I will add the books to my bookshelf. Throughout the year, I will pull out and highlight different books for my students to keep their interest in these titles. Additionally, I will teach and reteach a system for checking out classroom library books so that they do not go missing.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes. Students from other classrooms are welcome to borrow books from my classroom library. Additionally, this list of books with prices and levels are in a spreadsheet for my grade level team to use should they choose to increase books of a particular type in their classroom libraries.

This grant is as sustainable as book grants can be. Though not consumable, paperback books usually don’t last more than 5-7 years with classroom use, in my experience. Some of the titles are hardcover, which will help their longevity, but many are paperback and will need to be replaced in several years. Also, we know that students misplace books and accidents happen, so maintaining a library is a constant work in progress.
Amount Funded
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$984 - Please see attached spreadsheet
Other funding sources

Yes, I did. Site funds are not available for this purchase this year. They may be available for all or part of it next year, if necessary.