Gone Boarding Veneer request

Grant Applicant
Truckee High School
School Site
Truckee High School
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Career Technical Education (CTE)
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Description (10 points)

  This grant is being written for the Gone Boarding program at Truckee High School. The programs originators describe Gone Boarding as follows: “Students in the Gone Boarding class work in groups. They design, construct, and learn to ride all types of boards including: surfboards, snowboards, skateboards/long boards, stand up paddle boards, wake surfboards, and wake boards. Students also take part in service projects involving younger students through mentoring relationships built around action sports, and partner with the community to make an impact, both locally and globally.”

This grant is being written to purchase industry standard skate veneer so that students will be able to use domain specific vocabulary when communicating with experts in the field.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

I believe that all students will benefit from participating in this program. Students encounter success and failure in a real-life setting and must use a vast array of skills in order to make a board that rides in the specific conditions that it was designed to. Participation is this class reinforces mathematical and Physics concepts, problem solving skills, teamwork, community involvement, mentorship and career pathways and the pride of making a physical object. These skills transfer to careers in woodworking, construction, manufacturing, communication, business, advertising and science.

The students that will particularly benefit from this program are students at risk of graduation, kinesthetic learners, board enthusiasts, students pursuing careers in the trades, students who work best in a collaborative environment, special education students and anyone who is lacking motivation for coming to school. This program gives students something to look forward to in their school day.

Success of Program (10 points)

There are multiple metrics that could define the success of this program. These metrics include but are not limited to; reduction in missed days or tardies, making connections to or being motivated in, other classes, a connection to a caring adult in the school setting, increased feelings of self-efficacy or increased GPA.

Implementation (10 points)

This program is currently being implemented at the school site but using non-industry standard, skateboard veneer.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This program is unique to Truckee High School

The current model for this class is fully sustainable. Students are required to purchase the raw materials to construct their boards. They are required individually, to make a small project (skateboard or longboard), a $25 investment and as a group required to make a large project (wake surfboard, surfboard, snowboard, SUP) which ranges from $180-$400. The money generated will be used to buy more consumable materials.
Amount Funded