Google Read&Write

Grant Applicant
Lynn Fagan
Grant Co-applicants
Christine Smart, Joni Adomshick
School Site
Alder Creek Middle School
Grant Category
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

This app allows students who are logged into Google Chrome with their student email accounts and working in Google Docs the ability to do the following:

Listen to the text read aloud
Use the built in regular dictionary and picture dictionary
Voice type into the Google Doc
Use word prediction
Use highlighters to highlight text with different colors and collect highlighted text for studying
Translate text to different languages
Create MP3s of text being read aloud

Read&Write offers support with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work.

This app was strongly recommended by the Accessible Curriculum for All Cohort because it helps with the Universal Design for Learning.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Read&Write provides students incentive to complete reading and writing assignments and increases their confidence and performance.  Many students struggle with reading or writing difficulties; often because of a learning disability; such as dyslexia, auditory processing, or visual processing issues.  Google Read&Write has many features that helps students be successful in tasks that are difficult for them.


Google Read&Write supports students writing through Speech-to-Text; which allows students to express themselves without the barrier of writing.  The program also has a text-to-speech feature to help students who have a difficult time reading assignments. They are able to access teachers assignments through google docs and have the text-to-speech feature read the document to them.  This helps students that are not reading at grade level. Read&Write also has a word prediction option for students who have phonological processing difficulties, or word retrieval issues.


Read&Write also has a highlighting feature where students can highlight text in a document that they feel is important.  Read&Write will help students create a summary of their highlighted information to help them better understand the piece of text.  Students are also able to make voice notes about the documents they are reading. This is very beneficial to students who have a difficult time writing and have visual processing deficits.  Read&Write also has the option for students to use a Screen Mask. This acts as a visual placeholder for students when they read helping students eyes track the page correctly; thus helping them increase their fluency.  


Success of Program (10 points)

This add-on extension is a very successful and useful tool for students who struggle academically.  This tool would be especially helpful for students that have reading disabilities,  visual processing disabilities, word retrieval difficulties, and fine motor deficits.  There are not any documented successes of the program.  There have been reviews through other educators about the usefulness of the program.  It was also one of the recommended tools to offer students to decrease academic barriers to increase student achievement.  This is the primary goal of all educators and one of the basis for UDL instructional implementation.

Implementation (10 points)

The full Read&Write subscription would be given to students with the greatest need.  We are asking for a grant for fifteen add-on subscriptions that last one-year. As a special education team we would work together to find the fifteen students that would benefit from the add-on the most due to the severity of their learning disability and their instructional reading levels. The cost of the add-on doesn’t make it feasible for all students to have the opportunity to have a years subscription.


Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The amount of licences requested would be able to span three grade levels; 6th, 7th and 8th grade resource students.

The licensing for this program will last one school-year and will not incur any additional costs during that time.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$2175 - Read and Write for Google Chrome $145/per subscription per year