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Grant Applicant

Eniko Kuch

Grant Date


School Site

Grant Category

Description (10 points)

I would like to purchase 16 boxes (2 per group) to use for storage of dry-erase markers and small erasers that my students can use with their whiteboards.  I would also like to purchase the items to fill the boxes with.  These include dry erase markers and erasers.

Amount Funded


Budget Item(s)

$150 - Wooden boxes (16: 2 per group)
$75 - dry erase markers
$100 - Whiteboard erasers (16)
$25 - Stain and brush for finishing the boxes




Benefits of Program (10 points)

I currently use white boards often in my classes and students have really taken to them.  They enjoy working out and solving problems on a different surface.  My current boards have graphs on one side and it makes it nice and easy to have students show their work as I walk around.  All of my classes use these, some more often than others, but all.  I have small plastic containers that store the markers and erasers, but I was limited in what I could purchase and most of the containers are broken and few markers remain.  Students are often left sharing erasers and markers to make it work.  This would allow all to have access whenever they want.

Success of Program (10 points)

I will be able to quickly access student understanding and it is easy for students to make a quick erase to fix mistakes.  I also will pick smaple work and walk around showing off great boards.  I think this will enable all to be engaged and not have to wiat and share.

Budget Notes

I am requesting $350 plus tax to cover the start up cost of making all of these boxes.  In the future I should only have to replace the markers.

Implementation (10 points)

I already use the whiteboards and with these items, I will be able to use them with everyone.

I am asking for wooden boxes so they will last longer. The plastic boxes sadly didn't make it the whole year. Hopefully with wood, they will last. I will need to replace markers about twice a year, but I don't think that will be a problem.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I would not be sharing the items, as they would be used with my students, but they will all see how I organize my room and materials.