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Tahoe Lake Elementary is a hands-on science school, and we are so excited to be able to add garden-based learning to our curriculum with our new greenhouse in our remodeled school.  The experiences and learning children will have in the greenhouse will complement all aspects of STEAM Learning-

Science-- Students will learn all about the growth cycle, seasons, climate, native and non-native species, and nutrition.

Technology-- Students will gather data regarding growth in the greenhouse to graph and make predictions with technology.

Engineering-- Plant support and structures for growing.

Art-- The plants will provide real-life subjects for sketching and color study.

Math-- Students will gather data regarding plant growth, make predictions, learn about measurement and graphing.

At Tahoe Lake, we are constantly striving to provide meaningful connections between learning and life, and the greenhouse is going to give us many more natural opportunities to do so.  Understanding how plants grow and having the opportunity to care for them from seed to full growth will be an incredible learning experience for our students that is directly in line with our hands-on science focus in connection with our amazing local environment.

Benefits of Program

We know that students always learn best by doing.  Tangible learning is highly motivating and helps grow students' skills in all content areas.  We constantly seek to provide hands-on learning, especially in science, and the greenhouse will provide the perfect opportunity for incredible hands-on learning.  All students will access the greenhouse on a weekly basis, both with their classroom teacher and with the Measure AA Science Teacher.

Success of Program

Evidence of success will be seen in thriving plants in the greenhouse, in student learning reflected in science journals and projects across the curriculum, in community involvement, and in SMILES!  


We will be starting from scratch in the greenhouse and are learning from existing programs such as the Life Lab in Santa Cruz.  We will begin planting and experimenting as soon as the school year begins and grow the program from there.  The greenhouse will be supported year-round, and follow the cycles of the seasons.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The greenhouse will be accessed by all students in all classes, so yes, it will be shared across all grade levels and subject areas.  

All items in this grant will be used for years to come. We will look for other funds for consumables, such as seeds and other perishables.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$450 - Curriculum-- The Growing Classroom (differentiated curriculum for each grade level)
$125 - 1 gallon, 3 gallon, and 5 gallong plastic pots
$100 - 6 pack seedling trays and tray holders
$90 - Organic potting/planting mix
$55 - Compost Bin
$175 - Vermi Composter Worm Box
$15 - Compost Thermometer
$60 - Worm Starter Kit
$150 - Children's Gardening Tools
$300 - Student and Adult Gardening Gloves
Other funding sources

We will be using site funds and PTO funds for consumables/perishables.