Growing Plants in Kindergarten

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Kim Krengel - Kindergarten TES
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Kindergarten team
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Truckee Elementary
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Life Skills & Health
Mathematics & Science
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Description (10 points)

In Kindergarten Science  (K-LS1-1) we use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.  The needs of plants for light, soil, water and space to grow is observable.  We would like a hands-on experience, an outdoor classroom in addition to the use of media,  to grow plants and observe.  We are asking for a community garden, specifically a raised garden bed for our new kindergarten playground.  We (all 4 classrooms will team up and create a garden twice a school year.  All children will be a part of the process.  We would plant twice in both September and again in the spring. Each child will have the opportunity to plant, compost, water/ tend to the garden and harvest both vegetables and flowers!  We would be able to extend our observations with activities including math, science, writing, art, reading and celebrating with a harvest of hopefully good food to eat!

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Students will benefit from an outdoor classroom experience.  The hands on value is so important, as the kids will be part of the process and gain life-long learning skills.  Students will be taking care of this community classroom space as a cooperative group.  They will be able to observe the life cycle and needs of plants firsthand.  The cross-curriculum amazing teaching that will occur in both our indoor classrooms as well as this outdoor classroom is beneficial.  They will develop skills and gain knowledge to continue growing plants and become amazing gardeners and possibly grow their own food one day for sustainability.  An outdoor garden bed is healthy living and goes hand in hand with our Harvest of the Month program.  Our students will be joyful and get their hands dirty and be thrilled to have a garden!   I remember my class garden from 50 years ago :).


Success of Program (10 points)

The opportunity for students to work in an outdoor classroom is an overall wonderful concept.  What is learned in our outdoor class joins our indoor learning of science and plants. We will participate in many great activities that will be based on our garden including math and calculating space, to being an artist of the plants we've grown.  All of our gardening will naturally connect with Earth Day / Every Day concepts throughout the year, and help take care of our environment.

Implementation (10 points)

All 4 Kindergarten classes will be part of the planning process, set up, and will start planting in the Fall when school begins.  Our principal agreed that the facilities department would be able to put our garden together and we have a space for it planned.  Soil would be delivered and planting would begin right away.

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Our entire grade level will be part of the entire process for years to come.  This will be our Community Garden.

Regular care to maintain this garden bed will happen. It will be securely covered in the winter snowy months and reopened when ready. Any repairs would be taken care of in a timely manner. (Composting and nutrients, fresh topsoil etc. can be added using class funds in the future).
Amount Funded
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$1574 - Raised Cedar Garden Bed (8'x12')
$1200 - topsoil: 25 yards @ $48 per yard
$225 - garden soil: 3 yards @ $75 per yard
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No other funding available

Notes      item # OLT028        Raised Cedar Garden Bed 8'x12' . -free shipping

Soil prices from Rock n Rose, Truckee .  + delivery fee