KBE Physical Education Soccer Equipment

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Kelley Deck
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Kings Beach Elementary would greatly benefit from having proper field equipment for soccer in PE, at recess, in school activities and after school extra curricular activities. At Kings Beach Elementary soccer is a highly desired sport to participate in but hard to play the correct way due to lack of equipment.

Benefits of Program

All students from TK-5th grade would benefit from using this equipment to better understand the game and the official rules. Soccer encourages teamwork, positive communication, dedication, coordination and problem solving skills. 

Success of Program

This equipment would enhance PE tremendously by allowing the PE teacher to properly teach the rules of the game, the positions and how to respectfully play the sport. Learning how to correctly play soccer in PE will provide a safer school culture and climate at recess and in the classroom. The school culture will become safer because the rules and expectations for soccer will be universal throughout the whole entire school. Currently, many students do not understand the rules of soccer and it creates a lot of conflict on the playground and in PE. 


The equipment will be used immediately and daily at KBE. During the fall and spring it will be used everyday by all students at the school. In the winter, it will be used in the gym when the PE teacher has soccer on their curriculum agenda.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This grant will be shared with the whole school. It will be primarily used in Physical Education but can be used and accessed by all staff.

This item is fully sustainable. Soccer goals are known to last up to 10 years. Portable goals will allow us to easily put them away at the end of day and prolong the use of these goals.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1078 - 2 sets (4 goals) of 5 x 3 Soccer Goals
$82 - Corner Poles, Bases, and Flags Set
$23 - Soccer Cones