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Paula Bossler
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At Kings Beach Elementary (KBE), we are very fortunate to have two spaces dedicated to STEAM, a maker space (STEAM Lab) and a science laboratory, where students explore with hands-on learning. Finding materials that support this explorative learning can be challenging, expensive, and difficult to navigate the speed at which materials will become obsolete. In addition, materials that have been consolidated from previous science curriculums like FOSS Kits are at last starting to dwindle with no clear prospects of replacement curriculums in sight. One promising and future-proof way forward for our STEAM programming at KBE could be through the investment in LEGO Education kits. 

Both the LEGO Education BricQ Motion Kit and the LEGO Education SPIKE Kit offer engaging, hands-on, integrated learning experiences that would be inclusive to our student population needs at KBE. Furthermore, these LEGO Education kits would easily encourage students to explore math, science, and literacy concepts in a playful manner in which students would learn 21st century skills without feeling overwhelmed to do so. 

LEGO Education has created online resources and lesson plans through their LEGO Learning System that support educators to find ways to incorporate the above-mentioned learning goals through the use of LEGO Education kits and technology that is simple, easy to replace, and optional to the overall curriculum. 

Because LEGO is such a formidable company with longstanding success around the world and has succeeded in creating the LEGO Foundation to promote learning through play, I believe that Kings Beach Elementary students would benefit from investing in their products and curriculum. 

Benefits of Program

LEGO Education has created a curriculum, The LEGO Learning System, to go along with the LEGO Education kits. The Learning System is designed for K-8 students and is available for free online. The System is broken down into two categories: K-5 and 6-8 lesson plans. The LEGO System was developed as an intuitive, inclusive, and highly adaptable program with playfulness at its core. Educators are encouraged to implement units that work within their framework of teaching science, math, and other STEAM concepts so that The System does not constrain the overall curriculum at a school site but helps develop it. Furthermore, The System is highly adaptable, meaning inherently differentiated, so it benefits students of varying ages and abilities. Thus, LEGO Education was developed with all students in mind and with costs that are accessible to the masses. 

Success of Program

The success of the KBE STEAM LEGO grant would be determined by the use of the kits consistently over time and across grade levels. Initially, these kits would be used during student STEAM time, but a measure of success would be the use of the kits in the regular classrooms as well. Furthermore, student engagement and production from the use of the kits could be monitored and celebrated with student showcases at school and in the community.  All the while, these kits would enhance student learning by improving the STEAM curriculum at KBE by using a well-developed, age-appropriate, and playful system of learning. 




The KBE STEAM LEGO grant would be implemented by first organizing and labeling the kits with stickers and cubbies that are included in the kits but not completed ahead of time. Next, the kits would be assigned a location in the green locking cabinet in the STEAM Lab to aid in preserving the organization and accessibility of the kits for long-term use. Then, the kits would be used as part of the Hour of Code initiative for students to start the year. The kits would be used for additional STEAM lessons that focus on math, engineering, and physical science concepts. Lastly, educators at KBE would have the opportunity to attend a review session for the process of using equipment from the STEAM Lab, as well as, receive a thorough tutorial on how to use the kits and access the online curriculum.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, this grant will be available to all grade levels at Kings Beach Elementary through the maker space (STEAM Lab) in room four. There is already a system in place for sharing this space and equipment with KBE staff. 

The KBE STEAM LEGO grant would be site sustained after initial funding from EEF. KBE STEAM site funds would be available if an extra kit were needed due to increased enrollment in the future or if pieces of equipment went missing or broke.
Amount Funded
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$1650 - LEGO® Education SPIKETM Essential Set (6@$274.95 ea)
$660 - LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential S (6@$109.95 ea)
Other funding sources

I have conferenced with Heidi Bushway Verkler (from NTS), Michael Arington (DO Coach), and Ed Hilton (DO Admin) about this grant, and they have agreed that Excellence in Education would be the best source of funding for this grant.

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One additional consideration for the acceptance of this grant is that Heidi Bushway Verkler (from North Tahoe school) and I would like to vertically align our STEAM programming. Our intention is to start with LEGO Education grants to better align our curriculum and materials. From there, we have other plans for vertical alignment opportunities.