Kidzone Science-in-the-Schools Program

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Georgianne Mahoney-Garcia
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Description (10 points)

This grant would provide a wonderful opportunity for our kindergarten students to experience a very engaging, hands-on science labs that would extend the learning they are doing through the STEM Scopes curriculum. The grant would fund science creativity labs from the Kidzone Science-in-the-Schools program. Trained staff from the program come to our classrooms and lead the students in labs that allow students to learn scientific concepts through exploration and investigation. There are various labs to choose from that all correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards (see the link included in this grant for a pamphlet that describes each lab). After meeting with representatives from the program, I was so excited to write a grant for this program. Each hands-on creativity lab will include a game or outdoor exploration. During each lab, students will observe and discuss, draw pictures or write what they see and state conclusions. These observations are key in developing students’ science inquiry skills. The labs also support the STEM Scopes lessons the students will be doing with Mrs.Stewart in our school's science lab. The program provides all the necessary supplies and safety materials for each lab. The labs are designed for small groups of 4-5 students, but representatives from the program said the labs could be designed for a whole class lesson if teachers provided parent volunteers to assist.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The kindergarten students love the activities they do in our school's science lab with Mrs. Stewart. We feel the Kidzone Science-in-the-Schools program would provide an additional opportunity for the students to participate in a highly motivating, meaningful lab.

Success of Program (10 points)

The program would be a success if it made complex scientific concepts understandable and meaningful to the students. We would measure their understanding through discussion and application of the concepts.

Implementation (10 points)

Each of the four kindergarten classes would receive a 75 minute lab in their classroom. We would each choose a lab that supported, but did not impede on, a lab the students would be participating in with Mrs. Stewart.

Yes, we would need additional funding to continue the program in the future.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This grant is for each of the kindergarten classes to receive a lab.

Other funding sources

Our principal stated there is a possibility for site funding to match what Excellence in Ed provides if this grant is approved.