Kindergarten Leveled Readers For Small Group Differentiation

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Kim Krengel - Kindergarten TES
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School Site
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We would like to purchase a 600 books, that are in packs of 6.  They are leveled A-E.  The distributor is Fountas and Pinnell which is our reading/literacy assessment, and the readers correlate with our goals of having students read at a D level by the end of kindergarten.  We currently do not have small groups sets.  We as a kindergarten team will rotate the books, share every quarter to ensure we have a selection and enough readers for all.  

Benefits of Program (10 points)

These readers will allow more differentiation within our classrooms, while using quality literature and informational texts.  Our goals for proficiency continue to rise, and these resources will greatly add to our lacking supply of leveled books.

Success of Program (10 points)

Providing the children with quality books will help them get excited about books,  and motivating them to read more.  The feeling of success that comes with reading a book that is a "Good Fit" book is crucial.  Their Literacy skills will increase, and that is what we want!  Proficient readers exiting kindergarten is our goal.

Implementation (10 points)

Through our literacy model of Daily 5, students will be assessed with F&P to determine their reading level.  Students will work in differentiated groups according to their needs.  We are using literacy centers / Daily 5 everyday, and will continue daily all year long.

We will use these books from here on out, daily, yearly, all students.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Our Kindergarten grade level will share this resource, trading the four sets throughout the school year, for years to come.

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$3028 - F&P Select Kindergarten Collection 1-4 (Levels A-E) - 6 set bundle
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Our site is purchasing one set, hoping you can provide a second set.


I am giving Laura Brown a hard copy of the order.