Kitchen and Cooking Materials for Donner Trail

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Ashley Perkins, Donner Trail Elementary
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The objective of this grant is to secure funding for reusable flatware and flatware for each classroom at Donner Trail Elementary. We hope to provide each classroom with a  plastic reusable plate, cup, spoon, fork, and knife. Additionally, we would like to purchase a kitchen cooking set for teachers to use with students in the classroom. Donner Trail is fortunate to have a functional kitchen for teachers to use with students and these tools will be used during math and science lessons, Harvest of the Month, and classroom celebrations.

Benefits of Program

This grant seeks to purchase 13 packs of 6 cups, 13 packs of 6 plates, 13 packs of 6 spoons, 13  packs of 6 knives and 13 packs of 6 forks. The purchase of these classroom sets will limit the amount of waste Donner Trail Students produce. This will help model our environmental values as a school for the students. We hope to purchase six groups of measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, rubber spatulas, and loaf pans. These will benefit the students by providing them with the materials needed to bring mathematics and science to life through real-world applications such as cooking and experiments.


Success of Program

The goal for these grant items is to engage the students with hands on learning opportunities. The success of this grant will be measured by the students' retention of concepts, level of engagements, organization of lesson materials, and the results of cooking labs and experiments. These materials will support standards taught in other subject such as science and math. 


These items will be implemented during the 2020-2021 school year each month for Harvest of the Month, for general classroom plateware and flatware needs. The cooking tools will be stored in our shared kitchen for all teacher to access for lessons to be taugh in the classroom or kitchen area. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

All students at Donner Trail will utilize the cooking tools,  plateware and flatware. We will share these and keep them in the kitchen for teachers and students to use. 

This is a one time purchased to be use by all students for years to come. Any addional kitchen tools can be purchased by school funds or brought in by a teacher for a specific lesson.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$26 - 75 Kalas Plates
$26 - 75 Kalas Cups
$12 - 6 Rubber Spatulas
$24 - 6 Measure cups
$18 - 6 Measuring spoons
$30 - 6 loaf pans
$42 - 6 Baking Sheets
$36 - 12 Mixing Bowls
Other funding sources

I spoke with our site principal to see if there was other funding available and there is not at this time.