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Abby Osborn
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The Kodo Magnet Wall will provide Tahoe Lake students with an open-ended, creative and unique way to experiment with concepts of physics and engineering with collaborative and hands-on materials.  

Benefits of Program

Given the open ended nature of this product, students from K-4 of all abilities will be able to experiment and learn using the tool. Crosscutting concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards such as cause and effect and structure and function are applicable to all grade levels and will be intrinsically embedded as students cycle through the process of design and engineering (plan, test, change). The Magnet Wall will be available to all classes when they visit the science lab.    

Success of Program

Success would be seeing students work collaboratively and enthusiastically to build and design new and innovative ways to move balls from the top ramps to the bottom. Teachers from each grade level would use it to apply to scientific concepts, from kindergarten teachers discussing push/pull forces, to fourth grade teachers with the transfer of energy. I would also love to see it used for our students with special needs as a place to reset and refocus.   

  • Ordered as soon as possible after grant is funded
  • Installed in science classroom as soon as possible
  • Students able to experiment as soon installed
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes! It will be available for the entire school. 

The Magnet Wall would need minimal replacement parts occasionally which could be funded by PTO.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$2500 - Kodo Museum Magnet Wall
Other funding sources

Possible additional funding from PTO


As EL Coordinator, I have attempted to incorporate science exploration as much as possible in my classroom due to the high volume of rich spontaneous language it invokes. With the Makers Space cart funded by EEF, I have witnessed the pride and enthusiasm of my students as they create and build their own designs. I personally hope to use this tool as another means of sparking academic conversation and collaboration with my EL students, even though it will be available to the entire school.    


* Another note: Shipping and tax may need to be modified when I hear back from Kodo Kids representative. Freight shipping cost was not available at time of submittal.