Learning Sight words, Letters, and Sounds Using Song and Movement DVDs

Grant Applicant
Betsy DePew
Grant Co-applicants
Kim Krengel, Jane Miller, Georgie Garcia
School Site
Truckee Elementary
Grant Category
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

Using song and movement when teaching sight words and letters/sounds helps students learn faster and better.  HeidiSongs has wonderful videos and resources to help do this.  

Sight Words:  This collection of 40 animated songs follows the high frequency words included in the McMillan McGraw Hill Kindergarten Wonders Series, presented in the order dictated by the teacher's manual. Using the same, high quality songs and movies from the Sing & Spell Sight Word series, this custom word list has been rearranged to match the publisher's sight word list, helping to make supplemental learning so much easier! All our videos feature catchy songs, all written out onscreen, with fun movements choreographed to help with memorization! With this support, children easily memorize the spellings of the toughest high frequency words!

Letters/sounds:  These videos contain alphabet songs written to help Kindergarten children learn letters, the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation, the ABC song, and much more! This video collection includes a unique song for every letter of the alphabet. Each and every learning song teaches the sound of the letter, and explains what the letter looks like.  The videos show how to write the letter onscreen, and children act out the shape of the letters with their bodies, which helps them remember what it looks like.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

We have been using song and movement for years to help our young students learn.  These dvds provide wonderful ways to do just that.   All students love this fun way to learn sight words and letters.  They ask to to watch them over and over!  It is often the song or dance that helps them commit them to memory.  The sight word songs also include a catchy way to remember the spelling of these tricky words.

Success of Program (10 points)

I have been using HeidiSongs for years to help students learn sight words and letters.  I know first hand how great these are and how well they work.  They not only help the student memorize sight words and letter sounds, they help students spell words and form letters.  I would like to have access to them for all of the kindergarten classes

Implementation (10 points)

It is so easy to use these dvds and supplemental materials.  We can show them on our new smart tvs easily!

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes!  We are asking for one set of dvds (sight words and letters/sounds) and accompanying supplemental materials per teacher.

These dvds and supplemental materials will last for years!
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$60 - Letter and Sounds Animated DVD X 4 ($15 each)
$80 - Wonders Sing and Spell Sight Word DVD x 4 ($20 each)
$56 - Wonders Sing and Spell Sight Word Supplemental Materials x 4 ($14 each)
Budget Notes

For a total of $196 we would get 2 dvds and one workbook of supplemental material each.

Total cost is $49 per class x 4 teachers.


Other funding sources

Sara and I talked about this grant.  With the new adoption, we will be getting new materials.  I piloted the newly adopted program, and it does not include these types of resources.