Leveled Readers for Second Graders

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Sage Johnson
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Our school implements an instructional model called the Daily 5, which encourages students towards reading achievement. During this time, students choose a reading activity to engage with while the teacher works with other students one-on-one or in a small group to provide more personalized instruction. 

My need is to have multiple copies of the same book when working with a small group of students for them to be able to access instruction without sharing copies of the text. The need compounds as different small groups are reading books at different levels, and multiple sets of books are needed at each level for students to work with before they have progressed to another reading level.

For example, if Student John is reading books around "level G," I would have him working with me in a small group with other students reading at "level G." One week, we would all work with the book "El Diente de Julio," so I would need 5-6 copies of that one text. The following week, those students are still reading at "level G," so I would need 5-6 copies of another text at the same level. I would need 5-6 copies of many texts at "level G" to use when working with this group of students. At the same time, Student Jane is reading books around "level I." Student Jane's small group, then, needs 5-6 copies of a "level I" book like "Yesenia en la Oscuridad" to read that same week. In this way, I need multiple sets of books at several different reading levels. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students benefit from guided reading, but the students that this program would benefit are those reading slightly below second grade reading level. Second graders are expected to read at guided reading levels J - M over the course of the year. This program accounts for the "summer slide" phenomenon in which students' reading level decreases from the end of one school year to the beginning of the next due to the summer months spent out of school. This request is applying for sets of books at reading levels G, H, and I. These students would benefit by having their own copies of the texts we are reading at their individual reading levels. I have found that my students greatly enjoy independently rereading the books we have read together in small group, and this program would ensure that they have several different titles to work with at their level.

Success of Program (10 points)

I would define success with this program as having students interacting daily with texts at a level that supports their reading accuracy and comprehension. If my students are using the books with me in small group and also choosing to reread them independently, I would say students have benefitted from access to level-appropriate, high-quality texts they enjoy. This program would enhance my classroom because I would have appropriate books of better-quality and higher-interest to introduce to my students. 

Implementation (10 points)

I would use these leveled book sets during small group reading time. While most of my students are working independently with other reading activities, I would introduce a new book title to leveled small groups each week, and each student would have their own copy to use and keep in their book box to reread at their leisure.

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This grant is sustainable for readers at levels G - I. If this program is granted and successful, I would love to request books sets for levels J - M in the future.
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$195 - Rigby Spanish PM Readers Levels: EIL 12, DRA 12 (Variety Pack)
$195 - Rigby Spanish PM Readers Levels: EIL 13-14, DRA 14 (Variety Pack)
$255 - Rigby Spanish PM Readers Levels: EIL 15-16, DRA 16 (Variety Pack)