Lexia Core 5 Individualized Reading Support

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Jamie Maitia
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Truckee Elementary
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Truckee Elementary's students have been ulilizing Lexia Core 5 Reading across grade levlels with motivation and success.  Reductions and shifts in funding since we purchased the multi-year site-wide license last year are causing us to apply for this grant in order to keep this resource benefitting our students. We are asking for Excellence in Education to approve a grant that will allow for a one-year unlimited use of this standard-based, district and state curriculum-aligned software program. Our 515 K-5 students will receive engaging, interactive, research-based reading instruction. Automated student management tools (assessment, evaluation, report generation) will  provide staff with immediate feedback to students and staff on the progress in the reading curriculum. 

The software individualizes and supports reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and phonological awareness.

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We will use site funds to cover the hosting and support fees after the first 3 years. Special Education has already funded 10 licenses. If we are unsuccessful if obtaining funding for the remaining 10 licenses we will run the program with only 20 licenses.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Lexia benefits all students K-5.  Through its inherint differentiation to students' levels, Lexia helps the teacher to facilitate instructional level of learning and practice to augment the explicit direct instruction of 1:1 and small groups. As such, the spectrum of students from struggling to accelerated access Lexia for individualized learning and practice. The specific explicit practice is extremely valuable for our English Learners in particular.

"Lexia has Research-Proven Results for English Language Learners
Lexia Reading Core5 has been recognized by WIDA as satisfying all criteria under the WIDA Prime V2 Correlation
for English Language Development Standards! In addition, Lexia now provides support to EL students by offering
student directions in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Haitian-Creole!"


Success of Program (10 points)

Lexia's "Assessment without Testing" real-time diagnostic capability also generates the optimal instructional path for each student.  The management system collects all students' records, analyzes the rates of progress of each student an reports their progress against a national sample. The program is state-adopted for English Language Arts and English Language Development. Teachers will use the date to inform classroom instruction.


Lexia is an important element of the Word Work and Read to Self activities of Core 5.


Lexia/ Core 5 is a marker of success in terms of skills as well as motivation.  We will see students advancing in levels and receiving certificates as well as public acknowledgement for such effort and perserverance.

Implementation (10 points)

Thanks to Measure A we now have a computer lab and tech devices in every classroom. This web-based program can be acessed at school and at home for 30 students at a time. Grades 3-5 are 1:1 with Chromebooks, so students can access Lexia as a valuable tool as part of the Daily 5 language arts structure.  Our K-2 classrooms currently have iPads upon which Lexia is accessed as part of the Daily 5 structure as well.  

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes!  This grant would benefit all teachers and students K-5.

Data drives our PLC decisions. Lexia will provide this data instantly in very easy to understand and use format. Each time a student enters the program they will progress at their level.  This is one more data piece for our PLCs to use in order to facilitate evidence based responsive planning and instruction.

At this time, Truckee Elementary is asking Excellence in Education to fund a two-year unlimited site license (or fund for a one-year unlimited site license). Previously, we purchased a three-year unlimited site license with site funds because it was the most cost-effective. However, recent changes in our intervention funds as well shifts in needs for Measure A technology funds has put us in a position to need support. As we look to have reallocate our Measure A funds and anticipate an increase in intervention funds for next year, we can then "take on" the Lexia license once again moving forward, which would reinvigorate the site-level sustainability of this resource.

Site license options with Less Onetime 30% Loyalty Discount
One-year unlimited Site license $9,900 less $2,970 $6,930
Two-year unlimited Site license $17,300 less $5,190 $12,110
Three-year unlimited Site license $24,500 less $7,350 $17,150
Five-year unlimited Site license $34,000 less $10,200 $23,800

Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$12088 - Lexia Core 5 Site Subscription