Literature Circle Books

Grant Applicant
Sarah Avery
Grant Co-applicants
Teresa Ketron
School Site
Glenshire Elementary
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Description (10 points)

Small group reading is a part of all grade levels at Glenshire Elementary.  This allows for teachers and paraprofessionals to work with students in leveled groups, addressing the individual needs of students.  In the upper grades we meet in "Literature Circles" or "Book Clubs" to facilitate discussion with our novels, allowing our strongest readers to access books with strong themes and rich vocabulary.

This grant would fund the purchase of 11 copies of 11 new book titles for Glenshire Elementary's Literature Circle library.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

In 4th and 5th grade, teachers and paraprofessionals read with small, leveled reading groups.  With these small groups, teachers and paraprofessionals use leveled reading selections in order to help students' reading comprehension levels increase.

Currently, 45% of 4th graders are reading one grade level or more above grade level. With this population,  we are finding the need to purchase new books that are above grade level.  Our strongest readers are voracious readers and we are constantly looking to supplement our library with challenging, appropriate books for these children.  This grant will fund additional books for this reading population.

Success of Program (10 points)

One of Glenshire Elementary's School Accountability Plan goals is all 4th and 5th graders will increase their independent reading level by at least one year,  as measured by the STAR reading assessment.  This includes students who demonstrate they are reading above grade level at the beginning of the year.

We closely monitor students' reading levels throughout the year.  At the end of the year we check that all students have met their reading targets. By providing challenging books to our above grade level readers, we will better be able to meet the needs of these student and ensure their reading growth.

Implementation (10 points)

All students at Glenshire Elementary receive intervention, including our strongest readers.  We seek to provide challenging, thought provoking literature for these students to help stretch their learning.

The books purchased with this grant will be used in a small group leveled reading setting.  Any teacher or paraprofessional reading with the appropriately leveled students will have access to these books in our library.  Our library has an extensive book section, organized by reading level, where staff can find books for our literature circles.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The books funded through this grant will be available in our school library to anyone looking for high level reading books.

The books will be available in the library year after year. This grant will fully fund the books we are seeking at this time.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$87 - 11 copies Counting by 7's
$78 - 11 copies Ghosts of Tupelo Land
$87 - 11 copies Littlest Bigfoot
$171 - 11 copies Loneliest Girl in the World
$161 - 11 copies Mockingbird
$78 - 11 copies One for the Murphys
$78 - 11 copies Red Kayak
$86 - 11 copies Tangle of Knots
$78 - 11 copies Three times Lucky
$78 - 11 copies Under the Egg
Budget Notes

Tax is not included on the attached quote. 

Other funding sources

We spoke with our principal regarding funding sources.  Measure AA funds are available and will be used to purchase new books for our library.  The books purchased from the funds provided by this grant will specifically be used with advanced readers.

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