Living History 2017

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Jamie Schwartz
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Each year the 4th grade at Kings Beach Elementary participates in Living History Day. This event is the culmination of our year long social studies curriculum based on California history, pioneers, and the Gold Rush. The students participate in 7 hands on station in which they create items like the pioneers in early California, all while dressed in period costume!We need supplies for our Living History Day. Our student numbers have also grown and we need to accommodate our larger classes.

Students will apply their in classroom learning to hands-on constructive learning at 6 different stations. Students will compare what resources were available to the early settlers in California and today. Students will write a personal narrative based on their experiences at Living History Day.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All 7 stations are hands-on learning that are linked directly to the year's socials studies learning concepts. This allows students the opportunity to anchor the concepts to a tangible activity, increasing concept retention as well as the ability to apply attained concepts to new learning situations. Another huge benefit is simple: good old fashion FUN while learning. Living History is consistently a favorite learning day of our students.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success is determined by observed demonstrated skills during the day as well as writing in student journals, anecdotal observation based evidence, and smiles. Personal narratives will be evaluated using our common rubric.

Implementation (10 points)

Students, teachers, and parent volunteers will dress in period costume (pioneer). Students will rotate through 7 different stations based on activities that children living in early California would have participated in: candle making, tinsmiting, rope making, leather stamping, square dancing, corn-husk doll making, and ukulele music station. Students will complete their journal prompt at each station. Students will use their journal notes and experiences to write a personal narrative.

Living History is a program that has been in our school and district for 20+ years. This grant is mostly a consumable grant for supplies needed for the event. However, a portion of the grant is dedicated to our longterm durable goods needed to continue to run the event. As mentioned in the budget, several years ago we received a grant to "green" this event that allowed us to purchase durable reusable pie tins, spoons, napkins, and camp mugs for our "wagon-train" lunch. Because of this grant, we have been able to run Living History as an almost zero waste event (and want to get completely there!). Since our numbers have increased, we need to purchase more of these items.
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This grant is for the entire 4th grade, encompassing our PLC. Our PLC writing focus for the third trimester is narrative writing. Living History Day will happen during the third trimester and we will use this writing piece as a common assessment in our 4th grade PLC.

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$716 - Supplies (See attached)
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This grant has typically been requested and funded as a consumable grant. As our student numbers go up, we continue to have a larger event cost. While most of the items included in this year's grant are consumable, some of the items are for long term use with the Living History Program. Several basic items like the storage tubs are broken as well as our crockpots that we use for candle making. Additionally, part of a grant several years ago was to "green" our event.

Other funding sources

PTO funds are not available for this because we have to use our allotted field trip money for our Coloma field trip. We plan on asking a per child donation to help cover costs not directly covered by this grant.