For the love of reading....and a few miscellaneous items

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Judi Scoville
Grant Category
School Site
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Description (10 points)

This grant is a mixture of items. First, I would love to order more pillows for my room to create a comfortable environment for students to read. We all know the importance of being comfortable while reading and I want my students to look forward to reading in my room. I want them to dive into their book, block out all distractions and focus on their reading. I know creating a comfortable reading environment will really support my students with their reading. I would love to purchase more books for my class library. Books are very expensive and I want to update my class library so students have a plentiful selection of books to choose from. Another item on this grant is a storage organizer for all my construction paper. Lastly, I would love to purchase leather for the fourth graders to make necklaces for our annual 4th grade feast and festival.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Everyday students read to themselves and to each other and I want them to be comfortable while they read. I want them to look forward to reading in class in hopes they develop a love for reading and become life long readers. The leather is part of our fourth grade unit on the indegenious people of California. Students make necklaces that represent the four regions of California. Students have beads that represent the region they belong to and they have to trade their beads with other students from the different regions of CA. 

Success of Program (10 points)

I would define success by students looking forward to reading and being able to stay focused while reading. If students are comfortable and have a good book I'm confident they'll be able to block out distractions and focus on their reading. Our feast and festival is hands on. Students are able to reenact how indegenious tribes traded beads with other tribes.

Implementation (10 points)

The pillows and books will be implemented daily during my language arts block. The leather is used for our feast and festival.

The leather is consumable, so it will only be good for this year. The books and pillows will be used for years to come. I purposely chose pillows that have covers that unzip, so I can wash them and keep them for a long time. The paper storage I want to buy is made out of wood, so it will last much longer than the cardboard box storage containers.
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The leather will be used by all fourth graders.

Budget (10 points)
Budget Item(s)
$144 - Childcraft 401002 Construction Paper Holder, 29-3/8" Width x 12-3/4" Depth x 15" Height, Birch Plywood, Tan
$26 - 32" Puff Blue Mandala Floor Pillow Cushion Seating Throw Cover Hippie Decorative Boho
$80 - ComfyDown 95% Feather 5% Down, 32 Inch Diameter Round Decorative Pillow Insert, Sham Stuffer - MADE IN USA
$63 - The Land of Stories Hardcover Gift Set
$28 - Wonder/365 Days of Wonder Boxed Set
$50 - DARK WARM BROWN 3mm x 1.5mm Faux Suede Cord Leather Lace Bracelet Necklace Making (10yards Skein)
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See attached budget items

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No, I did not.


Thank you for your consideration!