Math Games and Intervention

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Erica Allstadt, Michelle Reed, Crystal Bailey
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This is a series of standards based and award-winning mathematics games that apply to multiple grade levels and academic needs. Math intervention is something that we are striving to better support at our school. We have multiage classrooms and teach multiple math groups each day based on grade levels, needs, and students. Having a variety of games that support our standards will allow us to be more flexible in grouping, provide intervention instruction, and to support families at home with games they can play together to help support their child in a safe and non-frustrating environment.

Benefits of Program

Students will benefit from this program because, at this time, we don't have any math intervention materials.  We will be able to create more multiage groups (which supports our schools vision) that will allow kids to play and learn without being self conscious of themselves. These will also benefit families because we can share and check them out to families who need something to better support their child at home without adding homework or frustration.  They are games they can play as a family.  These games will also benefit the teachers abilities to make small groups for enrichment or intervention. Having a multiage classroom has many benefits but at times we need more resources in order to provide meaningful independent and small group work while we pull kids to meet individual needs. 

Success of Program

The success of the program will be evident in increased conceptual understanding of concepts and increased fluency.  We should see an increase in positive mathematical mindsets, and stronger families school relationships because we are working together to better understand individual children, home needs, and how to support each other. 


These will be used in three ways. First, we will use them as a school to check out and share with families across grade levels.  Second we will use them in small groups and multiage groups to target specific standards and concepts based on student data.  Finally, we will use them in classrooms during our math instructional block to have students work together ina fun and engaging way on concepts while the teacher is able to work in groups or while providing individual grade level instruction.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This is a school wide grant that not only will all teachers be able to access, use, and benefit from but families within our school community will have access as well. 

This is a one time purchase. We will not need additional funding in the future. We will have a full collection to pull from and will be able to buy a game at a time in the future if needed.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$140 - Electronic Fact Family Flashcard Game (5 sets at $28 a piece)
$87 - Magnetic Math Vocabulary and Interactive Games ($29 x 3sets)
$18 - Adsumudi Operations
$18 - Proof! Conceptual Understanding
$19 - Target Operations
$84 - Mobi Math Equations ($21 x 4)
$30 - Pop to Win it 2nd
$30 - Pop to Win it 3rd
$16 - Mathelogical Liar Concepts Primary
$16 - Mathelogical Liar Concepts Upper
$21 - Hamster Run Numeracy k-1
$32 - Math Mats Dice Game
$30 - Pop to Win it! Grade 1
Other funding sources

Currently our PTO is working hard to support our school through the closing of half our building.  We built an entire classroom in the gym and weren't able to access the closed building for resources. Therefore, we aren't able to focus on these other purchases at this time.  In the future we believe that we can work with our school funding and PTO to add a game or two at a time to our collection as necessary.