Math Magnets Lending Library

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Abby Osborn
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Over the last few years, our students have demonstrated a need for additional support in math based on CAASPP scores. During our ELAC meetings, parents have requested additional support in math, similar to the support provided for reading intervention. Although this is a small step, it begins to address these needs. The objective of the Math Magnets Lending Library is to provide teachers with additional visual aids to support concepts introduced in the Everyday Math curriculum. Since the curriculum is designed to "spiral" back through various concepts, teachers from all grade levels would be able to check out materials as needed and maintain regular circulation, without them gathering dust in a cupboard.   

Benefits of Program

This Lending Library would be available for all teachers and support staff for checkout, making the materials available for all students. Providing additional visual aids for abstract concepts such as place value and fractions benefits all students, but will especially benefit our EL students and students with learning disabilities. Clear labels of mathematical symbols and shapes will also support these students' academic vocabulary development. 

Success of Program

Success of the Math Magnets Lending Library would be defined as constant and regular use by teachers in the classroom; teachers using the materials to provide math intervention, and students referring to them during independent math work to support or solve problems with which they otherwise would have struggled.  The magnetic materials can be placed on the metal utility closets housed in each classroom, so they are accessible to teachers and students without cluttering walls or whiteboard space when not being used for direct instruction.  


Order materials as soon as possible after grant is received. 

Inventory/check out system set up as soon as possible after materials are ordered. 

Teachers and support staff are able to check out items as soon as materials are received. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes! Materials will be available for all teachers and support staff for check out.  

This grant will not need additional funding to continue in future years.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$17 - Magnetic Decimal Tiles
$17 - Magnetic Multiplication Grid
$25 - Jumbo Magnetic 120 Chart
$16 - Math Symbols and Words Magnet Set
$19 - Place Value Magnet Set
$17 - Magnetic Modeling Number Line Kit
$9 - Math Magnets- Flat and Solid Shapes
$35 - Big Money Coins and Bills Magnet Set
$23 - Giant Magnetic Shapes
$25 - Magnetic Pizza Fractions
$16 - Giant Magnetic 10 Frames
$16 - Clock Face with Movable Hands
$30 - Magnetic Fraction Circles
$15 - Jumbo Magnetic Number Composing Tiles
Other funding sources

Little to no alternative funds available. 

File Uploads

Tahoe Lake has a well-established Lending Library culture with our guided reading books and literacy games (courtesy of an EEF grant written by Heather Hardy), so teachers are familiar with the process. This grant provides an alternative way to look at the big metal utility closet in each newly remodeled classroom as an additional learning space which can help serve our students who need it most.