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Erica Allstadt
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Pop-It's are a student favorite. As a teacher, it's important to stay on top of what engages students in the classroom. These pop its are specifically created for students to use as a 100 chart to learn adding and subtracting to 100 as well as a multiplication table for students introduced to these concepts in third grade. Student fluency in these topics is key to their success in 4th grade. Students obviously need to be able to have procedural and conceptual understanding especially as the apply to word problems, but we are finding that what really is holding students up is their ability to produce products, sums, differences, and quotients in a timely manner. These tools allow students to quickly practice and have a tool at their seat at all times to work independently on both fluency, as well as have a tool during level 3/4 problems so they can focus on problem solving and learning, not answers. 

The fifth and fourth grade classroom would also like the purchase of fraction dice and decimal dominoes. These hands on manipulatives will allow students to better understand concepts that are at times difficult to draw or visualize. Playing and participating in games or being able to touch allows them to connect with concepts. 

Benefits of Program

This benefits students ability to produce accurate products, quotients, sums, and differences in a timely manner so they can focus on problem solving and standards in Operations and Algebraic Thinking. These is a manipulative that is easy to manage, provides students with increased engagement, and will be utilized on a DAILY basis. Each child will benefit with this one time long lasting purchase. 

Success of Program

Success will be shown in increased fluency application, students confidence in math, and increased ability to focus on higher order thinking. I can assess on a daily basis and individual with students so that they don't compare each other to themselves. I will be apply to see application to daily lessons and problem solving as well as watch for a decrease in their need to use this manipulative as the year goes on, which will show success as well.  


I would provide students with their own classroom tool to use at seats, in partner with time, and during our lessons. The fluency will come with daily use of this tool as well as allows students to concentrate on mathematical practices and knowledge, not answers. Students in second grade would have the 100 chart while those in third will get the multiplication table. Students will be able to use them with their own needs. Over time, the hopefully can transition away from them but will have them at the ready at their seat. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I can share this with k/1 and 4/5. Students who are ready for higher level learning in lower grades may start to use these as a tool while the higher grade students who need increased intervention may apply them to their learning. What I love about this is that they are great for the grade level I'm targeting, but are also applicable to students who are ready for more and for students who need support. It's a tool for all and kids loves these!

This is a one time purchase and I can replace one or two a time a time as they age with my classroom funds. They are durable and washable so this is a one time purchase.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$320 - Math Toys Multiplication Pop It Fidget, Kingmall Rainbow Square
$250 - Kingmall Rainbow Square Math Pop with 100 Grid
$18 - Fraction Dice $3.00 x6 sets
$90 - Decimal Dominoes $15 a piece x 6 sets
Other funding sources

This is a great grant item. It is a one time purchase.