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North Tahoe High School Band
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We are applying for a grant in order to allow us to purchase cases to protect our very valuable and expensive tubas as well as quality amplifiers for our Jazz Band rhythm section.New tuba cases will extend the life of the instruments by decades by allowing them to be properly protected and stored. It will also allow for them to be safely transported to performances outside of school. The current tuba cases are falling apart and being held together by tape in order to travel to a performance. New cases will be such a benefit to the many musicians who will use them in the future.

New amplifiers will provide our bass, piano and rhythm section much improved sound quality at loud volume, which is necessary when we are playing in large areas like an outdoor stage or large elementary school gym. Our current keyboard and bass amps are small and tend to distort even when playing in small areas like our band room. I personally own these amplifiers and know they last up to at least 15 years. They are a great investment for a touring jazz band.


Benefits of Program

The tuba players for the next few decades will benefit from the cases purchased in this grant and provide a way for them to transport instrument to practice at home and to play shows away from the school. 

The amplifiers will benefit the rhythm section and the entire band when we play shows for several decades. These amplifiers last a long time.

Success of Program

This grant will help ensure the safety of our very nice and fragile instruments as well as making our bands sound amazing.


The tuba cases can be used right away to help students take their instruments to festivals and even store them properly in the band room without being in danger of being damaged. 

The amplifiers can hopefully be purchased in time for our tour on April 28th when we go to KBE, Tahoe Forest Hospital, and Donner Trail Elementary.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

These grant items will benefit the music program directly.

These instruments and cases should last 2 to 3 decades. Additional funding will not be necessary to sustain these items over that time.
Amount Funded
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$3260 - Tuba cases and amplifiers
Other funding sources

We have a band fund which is being used for purchase of instruments, maintenance of instruments, music purchasing, and many other miscellaneous expenditures. No other funds are available.


Thank you so much for your consideration and all the work you do.