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Renee Lewis
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Mystery Science is used at our school to provide engaging, NGSS-aligned science units/lessons to our students. Many of the lessons have hands-on activities as part of the lesson. The Mystery Science Kit would allow us to do many of the activities that go with the lessons. The pack contains materials and supplies for that grade level’s NGSS-aligned units. Each pack contains enough supplies for a class of up to 30 students working in groups or partners.

Benefits of Program

All students in third grade will benefit from the materials in these kits. We will have approximately 56 students in third grade for the 2022/2023 school year. These science kits will allow the students to perform the hands-on explorations of the lessons being taught through mystery science. 

Hands on Learning/Exploration:

  • Is a rewarding way for students to explore, retain, and experiment 
  • Allows students to have fun while learning 
  • Targets various learning styles 
  • Engages students 
  • Promotes discussion, investigation, creation, and discovery with other students
Success of Program

The success of the grant will be evident by students' excitement, collaboration, hands-on exploration, and retention of the science concepts being taught. Often, I do not have many of the necessary materials to have the students perform the hands-on activities that align with these lessons. This pack will provide our classroom with all of the materials (with exception of basic school supplies) needed for each individual lesson.


These supplies will be used weekly for the entire year.  Students will watch Mystery Science videos and then be given the necessary supplies included in the pack to collaborate with classmates through hands-on explorations of the targeted standard/lesson.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the 2 kits will provide enough materials for both classes for the entire school year. 

This is a consumable item so it is not sustainable.
Amount Funded
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$730 - x2 - 3rd Grade Packs