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Jesse Paoli
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The 8th grade Social Studies team would like our students to participate in National History Day (NHD) and are asking for supplies for this endeavor.  NHD is a project based learning activity that gives students an opportunity to go in-depth on a particular topic of interest.  According to the NHD site:

National History Day teaches critical thinking, writing, and research skills; prepares students for college, work, and citizenship; and inspires students to do more than they ever thought they could. An independent study from 2011 found that participation in NHD benefits students far beyond the competition.

Having had students participate in NHD at a prior middle school, I have witnessed its success in student participation in the program.  It is accessible to all students and they have an opportunity to have a product in which they can display proudly.  A family night is also hosted to give students the opportunity to share their work with their community. Students also have the opportunity to submit their projects to the regional competition.

NHD teaches students research and writing skills along with inspiring students to expand civic engagement, encourage an exploration of history, and increase their confidence in their research skills

The grant would allow us to buy needed supplies and materials for the projects students will create.  Students have the opportunity to create their own projects in the following categories: Documentary, Exhibit, Paper, Website, or Performance. 

In my past experience at the 8th grade level, most students chose the Exhibit option followed by the website and paper.  We would of course offer all options, but this grant focuses on supplies for the Exhibit since that is the most common project and accessible for the majority of our students.  To implement the project, we will set aside class time in the spring following the NHD timeline for students to work on their projects each day.  The supplies would be purchased no later than the trimester before we start.


Benefits of Program

There are many benefits to participating in NHD.  From expanding on their research skills, to encouraging academic writing, students must use multiple means to create their projects.   By completing their NHD projects, students develop skills in communication, project management, and historical thinking.

All 8th grade students will participate in NHD and it allows them the opportunity to present a historical argument, original research, and interpretation of a topic that is significant to history, but also of personal interest to the student.  These projects engage students who love history, but even more importantly, they bring out those who usually find history “boring.”  There is something about it being in a competition, their choice of topic, and knowing that family and community will be seeing their project that really brings out the best in all learners.  I have witnessed this time and time again and hope we are able to bring this opportunity to ACMS.


Success of Program

The success of the program is shown by the engagement of students. The creation of a NHD project will bring together everything we have taught them in both English Language Arts and Social Studies - writing, research skills, and presentation into a culminating project. The projects, through their creation and completion, will greatly enhance student learning by giving them a tangible product to show their hard work and dedication. 


To implement the project, we will set aside class time in the spring following the NHD timeline for students to work on their projects each day.  The supplies would be purchased no later than the trimester before we start.



Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the entire 8th grade Social Studies team with their students will partake. 

If funded, we hope that the success of the program would allow for additional funding and support from the community in future years. The most sustainable part of the project is that ACMS teachers teach and support the skills to create the projects.
Amount Funded
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$500 - White tri-fold project boards
Other funding sources

The school will provide other materials to complete their projects. 

We need 200 board which will cost $500. 


This will be a wonderful capstone project for all 8th graders to mark the cumulation of their middle school learning.