New Hockey Sticks and foam protectors for NTHS PE

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Jessi L Ernst, NTHS PE
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Our PE 2 and PE/Health classes do an extensive hockey unit and field hockey unit every year. Our current hockey sticks are wooden and very old and there are no longer enough for a class set. Over the last several years they have begun to deteriorate, splinter and break at a quick rate. The foam padding that slips on the blades to protect the floor is also shredding. Since students were beginning to get splinters from using the sticks and gym floor gets damaged when the foam padding tears we have not included hockey in our curriculum this year. We hope to have new sticks and padding for next year.  We plan to purchase aluminum sticks that do not crack or break in several different sizes to accommodate students of all heights. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Physical Education students in grades 9-12 at NTHS will participate in floor and field hockey units where students learn teamwork, cooperation, rules, positions as well as offensive and defensive strategies related to the game. Having a class set of sticks ensures that all students are able to participate on adjacent fields or courts at once, with no down time. At this point, the few "safe" sticks we have allow for small teams only so students must sit out and rotate in to play. This is not ideal so hockey is currently on hold for NTHS. In order to achieve our goal of keeping students moving for most of the class we must have enough equipment for all of them. 

Success of Program (10 points)

Success will be determined when PE classes are able to complete hockey units safely and efficiently with students participating in games and/or stations all at once, rather than taking turns. This will enhance the the PE courses by ensuring that students are exposed to as many lifetime sports as possible before they leave NTHS PE courses. 

Implementation (10 points)

The hockey units will be implemented in PE courses and equipment will be shared between classes. The sticks will be used outside for field hockey with conditions allow and inside with foam protectors during winter months. 

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These sticks and pads can be used for all PE courses at NTHS as well as for NTS if needed. 

We plan to purchase more durable, aluminum sticks of all sizes and extra foam covers so that they sticks will last for a long time without needing to be replaced.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$558 - 40 foam blade covers (20 red, 20 blue)
$504 - 20 Blue, Aluminum shaft hockey sticks (5-36", 10-42", 5-47")
$504 - 20 Red, Aluminum shaft hockey sticks (5-36", 10-42", 5-47")
$96 - 4 Black, Aluminum shaft Goalie Sticks
Budget Notes

4 black goalie sticks= $95.80

5, blue 36" sticks= $74.75

10, blue 42" sticks= $ 279.50

5, blue 47" sticks=149.75

5 red 36" sticks= $74.75

10, red 42" sticks= $279.50

5 red 47" sticks=$149.75

40 foam blade covers (20 red, 20 blue)= $558.00

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Our Measure PE and Yearly budget will be used to supplement existing curriculum