North Tahoe High School Special Education Class Garden- Tower Growing System

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Danielle Harvey
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This grant is for the purchase of two Indoor Tower Garden Growing systems for the  Special Education SDC program at North Tahoe High School. This program benefits students in the 9th -Transition(age 22) developing independent living skills, workability skills, functional academics, and social-emotional skills.  The garden will support our multi-age, multi-ability project-based learning model, promote healthy eating habits and support our independent life skills curriculum which includes cooking. They will work in groups or independently to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs year-round. This grant includes the grow tower package, which includes the tower garden, starter seeds, lighting system, plant minerals, PH kit. 

Benefits of Program

Students with special needs learn best through kinesthetic and hands-on learning.  Tangible learning is highly motivating and helps grow students' skills in all content areas. As an educator I  constantly seek to provide hands-on learning, especially to improve independent living skills, social-emotional skills, and functional academics. The garden will provide a unique opportunity for hands-on learning. All students will access the garden on a daily basis. Students will gain a better understanding of science concepts, level of engagement, collaborative work, life skills, and team-building skills.

Success of Program

Evidence of success will be seen in thriving plants in the greenhouse, in student learning reflected in community involvement,  harvested crops,  cooperation between students, demonstrated leadership in students, and sustainability to collect and regrow seeds from harvest. 


This will be used as a year-long project to foster Independent life skills and leadership.  We will begin planting and experimenting as soon as the school year begins and grow the program from there.  The garden will be supported year-round, and follow the cycles of the seasons. Students will start seeds, monitor growth, tend to plants, harvest crops, and make healthy dishes.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The garden will be accessed by students in the SDC program as well as peer mentors. The crops harvested will be shared with all students/staff.

All items in this grant will be used for years to come. We will look for other funds for consumables, such as seeds and other perishables.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$36 - Pump
$65 - Mineral Blend
$1020 - (2x) Grow Tower Package - Includes lighting, PH Kit, qPump, timer, Starter seeds)
Other funding sources

We will look for other funds such as our class funds from our lotion Bar Project for consumables, such as seeds and other perishables.