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As the PE Dept at NTHS, Devin Ginty and I are always looking for indoor activities to enhance our PE curriculum during the long, unpredictable winter months . We have both taught bowling units at previous teaching assignments and it proves to be an excellent skill builder for both fine and gross motor movements. Not to mention, the kids love it! If we are gifted this grant, we would be able to safely set up 10 bowling lanes in the gym (or outside if the weather permitted!) and our classes would be able to be divided into small team groups for skills and competition. 

To note: We would like to purchase the In-School Bowling Deluxe Package from FlagHouse that come with TEN sets that include: Curriculum book with 13 step-step skills progression lessons, fitness activities that incorporate math and literacy as well as cardiovascular games, 20ft carpeted bowling lanes, weighted pins, pin layout grids, 4lb rubber bowling balls, scorecards and carrying bags.

Note there is a second, less favorable but cheaper option in notes below. 

Benefits of Program

Students that will benefit from the addition of bowling are all classroom PE/health students, PE 2 and Weights students. Other students may benefit such as the leadership students as they will have more equipment resources for hosting school-wide events such as pep-rallies, flings, festivals etc. Also, this equipment could be used by the North Tahoe School PE department, in turn benefitting the entire middle school PE student population. 

Bowling teaches fine and gross motor skills, aiming to a target, score keeping, teamwork and camaraderie. In addition, this bowling package in particular comes with lesson ideas and activities that incorporate literacy and math skills as well as adding more physical movement and games in addition to bowling itself! It also comes with skills instruction lessons which makes it easy for teachers to add into their curriculum.

Depending on implementation, bowling can also offer a high cardio activity break for students who thrive in a lower cardio environment. 

Success of Program

Success with this grant could take several forms. Ideally, bowling would be a 2-3 week supplemental PE unit that begins with skills instruction, skill-based learning games, game rules practice and then would go into practice games and eventually into tournament. With 10 indoor safe bowling lanes, a class of 40 students could be divided into groups of 4 all playing games on their lanes simultaneously. By the end of the unit students would have the skills necessary to go to a bowling center and play a game with family and friends or even enter into a bowling league. 



The bowling lanes come with storage bags for each lane set-up and would be stored in the PE closets at NTHS for use by NTHS and NTS PE and Leadership classes. Any teacher could request the use of the equipment at any time. Bowling units in PE classes would typically take place during the winter months when going outside is not an option. We would begin including a bowling unit into the PE curriculum as early as the 20-21 school year in December. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This equipment can be shared with all PE teachers at NTHS and NTS as well as Leadership. Teachers in other subject content could request the use of the equipment at any time. 

The bowling set-ups will be sustainable for years to come with no additional funding needed.
Amount Funded
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$3591 - 10 Lane sets w/curriculum @ $399.00/ea -$399 discount from FlagHouse
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No other funding sources available at this point. 



File Uploads

If the first choice for 10 lanes IN-School Deluxe Bowling Set is too expensive, please consider this second choice. 

Set of 8 lanes from Gopher Sport: "Quick Alley Bowling Set"

It does not come with carpeted lanes nor curriculum and only comes with 8 lanes, therefore groups at each lane would have to be bigger. 

Item total: $2339.00

Tax: $198.41

Freight: $397.63