NTHS Weight Room Equipment

Grant Applicant
Devin Ginty
School Site
North Tahoe High School
Grant Category
Physical Education
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

The Strength Development class, PE program, and other athletic programs at North Tahoe High School are requesting foam boxes, slam balls, training bands, and, if financially feasible, a dumbell set with racks in order to develop well rounded strength in our students and athletes. These items will be used by the Strength Development class every school day and will be accessible to other athletic programs and classes as needed. The boxes currently in the weight room are old, heavy metal and have the potential for injury during box jump failures. The slam balls that are currently used are splitting at the seams and have broken handles, making them not suitable for activity. As classes and sports teams continue to grow, an increase in the amount of accessible training bands and dumbells will maximize the efficiency of workouts by allowing multiple students to exercise at once.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Having a fully functional gym will allow a variety of classes and programs offered at North Tahoe High School to continue training students safely and efficiently. Through expanding the workout equipment, students will be able to improve their general health and maximize their high school experience as athletes by adding variety to their training. With over 70% of the student body participating in at least one sport, a weight training class, and multiple PE classes, the benefits of this program will be widespread to the entire student body population. Creating well strengthened athletes and students will work towards reducing injuries and further educating students on how to maintain well rounded physical health.

Success of Program (10 points)

Last year, students gathered signatures and advocated for a Strength Development class to be offered in the NTHS course selection. This class has been successfully implemented this year and is continuing to grow for next year. The future success of this program will be determined by students training with safe and efficient equipment. As students continue to learn about proper mechanics and lifting techniques, the successes will be seen in their understanding of physical health and implementation of these concepts throughout their daily lives and future. As athletes have access to improved equipment, they will be able to reach their full potential and excel in their sports. This success will be seen in the achievements of our athletic programs.

Implementation (10 points)

The new workout equipment requires no professional set up and can be implemented into the weight room as soon as it is delivered. Revised training plans will be written for classes and sports teams to incorporate the new equipment prior to its arrival. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the new gym equipment will be shared between North Tahoe High School weight classes, PE classes, and team sports.

If funded, these materials will be sustainable. Having an increase in the amount of training bands and dumbells will prolong the life of the equipment by spreading out the use. Foam boxes will have a long life span because they are made of high density foam; the velcro enables them to be stacked and stored efficiently away from any sharp materials or metal weights. The slam balls have a durable rubber shell for indoor or outdoor use and can also overlap as medicine balls.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$929 - 1 Foam Plyobox Set
$282 - 2 Slam Ball Set, 2 15lb Slam Balls, 2 20lb Slam Balls, 2 Training Band Sets
$2939 - 5-100lb Dumbbell Set with Racks
Budget Notes

After searching for the best price on these products, quotes were gathered from different distributors to make sure the cost was efficient. The foam plyobox set is from Rogue and was quoted at $928.81 plus the $67.34 taxes and $187.26 shipping fees. The slam balls and training bands are from Archon, and after a discount for schools and shipping included, the total quote came to $282.00. The most inexpensive dumbbell set found is from Amazon, which is quoted at $2,939.00 with no tax and free shipping on Amazon Prime. Therefore, the total for these products is: $4,404.41

Other funding sources

The PE department funds have been used for team sport equipment and to replenish supplies. 


This grant was written and prepared with the help of Senior student Jillian Ferre. Her Senior Project was on grant writing, so she was instrumental in helping prepare these documents and information.