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Donner Trail Elementary - Holly Williamson
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PE Equipment: Deluxe PE Pack with Cart and Toss and Catch Pack

The Deluxe Recess (PE) Pack includes a variety of sports equipment to keep students engaged and a durable, mobile cart with all-terrain wheels, and a swivel caster to transport and access equipment with ease. The Pack includes 93 pieces of equipment:

  • QuikSelect Jump Ropes, Set of 18 (6 Ea 6'L, 8'L, 16'L)
  • Rainbow DuraHoop Plus Hoops (30" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Dodgeballs (8.25” dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow Utility Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Basketballs (Size 5), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Footballs (Junior), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Soccer Balls (Size 4), Set of 6
  • UltraPlay Tetherballs, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Vinyl Spots (12" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow Vinyl Cones (12"H), Set of 12
  • Titan All-Terrain Recess Rack with Plastic Bins, 1 Ea

The Toss and Catch Package includes:

  • 12 scoops with six balls, twelve 5 in. beanbags, 12 deck rings, six foam javelins and three Super Catch sets with six catch paddles and three balls, three Ball-Net-O games and three fling socks
Benefits of Program

Our entire student body, grades K-5, would benefit from additional equipment for PE and it can also be used at recess.  Currently, our transportation and storage options for recess equipment are limited with an old wagon in use. Balls fall out, ropes get tangled, and supply is limited. The sturdy all-terrain cart would allow students to safely move equipment to the blacktop, while also helping to keep materials organized. Better access and variety = more physical activity and happier kids!

Success of Program

New equipment would promote more active play during PE and recess. The variety of equipment and colors would also enhance the PE program. For example, we are currently short on equipment such as footballs, vinyl poly spots, sturdy cones, tetherballs, jump ropes and duracoat dodgeballs. In addition to providing more options for individual, partner and small group play, the new equipment would add to our current inventory to allow for enough balls/equipment for each student in any given PE class to practice independently.


The cart would be put to use immediately upon order and would be used on a daily basis.  Bright new equipment would bring many smiles to our students' faces!  All of the supplies in the Toss and Catch pack can be added to the cart on a rotating schedule to keep equipment fresh and interesting. Having a larger variety of supplies would promote increased movement and overall physical activity during recess, as well as independence and responsibility.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the entire school would be able to share this equipment.

This grant would be sustainable. The cart should last for the long term. New balls and equipment will wear with time, but this purchase would replenish supplies for PE and recess. This purchase would make it so that PE supplies and sets are not diminished when picked over for extra options at recess which is what currently happens.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1699 - Deluxe Recess Pack with Cart
$386 - Toss and Catch Pack

Physical activity is so important through both independent and group play.  More equipment and more options will equate to happier kids at recess and a stronger PE program with consistent supplies and equipment.  Having a cart that accommodates hula hoops, balls and bins for miscellaneous items would be so helpful!