PE Expansion: Baseball Gloves and Climbing Wall Holds

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Donner Trail Elementary - Holly Williamson
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Baseball Gloves, Balls and Climbing Wall holds - This grant would help to expand offerings for baseball and a more challenging climbing wall with accessories for creative traversing.

All Star Glove Pack: 11"L and 12"L gloves (12 right, 3 left of each size), 11" softballs.

  • Gloves, 30 ea
  • Softballs, 24 ea
  • XL DuraBag Duffels for glove storage, 2 ea
  • Nylon-coated vinyl ball bag with zippered top, 1 ea

Ultraverse Climbing Wall Traverse:

  • 6 RodHolder holds with rods
  • 6 HoopHolder holds
  •  12 Rainbow DuraHoopPlus Hoops
  •  mounting bolts 
  • climbing wall rules sign 
  • ULTRAVERSE Climbing Curriculum Guide



Benefits of Program

Baseball Pack: Donner Trail currently only has about 5 baseball gloves, all of which are personal loans from teachers. It would be wonderful to have a class set of gloves to compliment the bases and bats that we do have on campus. This pack includes enough gloves to accommodate righties and lefties. While we have played baseball and kickball with the bases we have on campus, fielding has always been done by hand. It would be exciting to be able to teach catching skills in the realm of baseball/softball (throw with dominant hand, catch with non-dominant hand). Hopefully demystifying the use of a glove (on non-dominant hand) for those who have not been exposed to the sport could help with eye- hand coordination as well as promoting the sport within the community.

Climbing Wall Holds and Curriculum: Donner Trail has an awesome climbing wall that the PTO put in 10+ years ago. It would be amazing to be able to add to the existing holds to create further obstacle courses and stations for PE classes and indoor PE opportunities during inclement weather. The new holds would allow for more variety and rotating challenges in an obstacle course type fashion. The Climbing Wall Traverse Curriculum Guide would help teachers identify new and fresh activities to challenge the mind and body during PE classes.

Success of Program

Baseball Gloves: Kids have been asking for gloves for years, beyond the 5 or so that teachers have collected from thrift stores for use at recess. In addition to using the equipment during PE classes, students could practice their throwing and catching skills at recess, both individually and with partners and teams.

Climbing Wall Holds and Curriculum:

Upping the challenge factor on the climbing wall would help keep it fresh for all students, especially for the older students who have been  building their skills over a number of years on campus. Lots of use in both PE and for indoor recesses would prove immediate success. And, the more we can get students to problem solve and think critically the better as physical growth also leads to academic growth.


Baseball Gloves: In the past we have played modified games that involve bases, including continuous kickball, tennis baseball, and softball with a variety of balls on tees. Kids often ask for gloves and to play the real game. I would love to incorporate a baseball unit into the curriculum, either during baseball playoff season in the fall or during spring training in March to get students excited about the sport when it is in the news and relevant.

Climbing Wall Holds and Curriculum: The holds can be installed for use immediately and accessories can be rotated to create a variety of obstacle courses. The curriculum guide that is included can be used as a jumping off point for setting up specific games and obstacle courses.


Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the gloves will be used in PE during baseball units, but they can also be added to the recess supply cart for play outside with students in all grades. The climbing wall accessories will be used by students in all grades.  

This grant will be fully sustainable. My hope is that the gloves would only become more seasoned as the years go on and the holds will become regular fixtures on the climbing wall.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1099 - All Star Glove Pack
$519 - ULTRAVERSE Climbing Wall Obstacle Course
Other funding sources

There is not enough funding to support large purchases. All Measure AA funds and PTO support funds have been exhausted by maintaining other supplies for recess and replacing broken equipment.