Phonics Phones to Support Daily5; Read to Self

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Beth Nordby, Dawn Rye, and Marnie Anderson (First Grade teachers at Tahoe Lake Elementary)
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School Site
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The funding of this grant would allow for first graders at Tahoe Lake to utilize the "phonics phones"  during Daily 5, to improve reading skills and build confidence as readers.  This simple tool allows the student to read aloud quietly into the phone and to hear their own voice.  Daily 5 is a program using strategies to teach language arts and it is approved and encouraged by Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.  Daily reading is critical to building reading skills.  One of the components of Daily 5 is Read to Self, where the students practice reading daily, quietly to themselves, to become more voracious and capable readers.  The use of these "phonics phones" would be very effective in aiding our students success as readers.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

"Phonics Phones" are a plastic tubes shaped like a "telephone" receiver.  Students put one end to their ear and speak into the other end, thus amplifying their voice, even when they speak quietly.  The ability to "hear" one's own voice improves concentration and  focus because students are intentionally listening to their own voice.  The use of the "Phonics Phones" also improves fluency, comprehension and vocabulary skills.  When students are listening to their own voices, studies show that students make fewer errors and make more self corrections when reading aloud.      

Success of Program (10 points)

The success will be evident as the students become more confident and capable readers.  The use of the "phonics phone"  allows for many students to be participating in Read to Self at the same time, thus enhancing the classroom environment as the noise level is low enough for all students to be able to concentrate.    The "phonics phone" amplifies the student's own voice so they only need to use a quiet or whisper voice to hear themselves read, while not disturbing others in the classroom. 

Implementation (10 points)

These "Phonics Phones" will be used everyday during the Daily 5 time in the classrooms.  The Read to Self component of Daily 5 is a critical strategy to build capable and confident readers and the use of the "Phonics Phones" will enhance and make this time more effective!

The cost of the "Phonics Phones" is a one time cost and they are sustainable and able to be used year after year by numerous students.
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Every first grade class will get 20 "Phonics Phones" to use throughout the day everyday!  

Budget (10 points)
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$270 - Lakeshore catalog - "Phonics Phones" Hear Myself Sound Phone #EE539 set of 10 "phonics phones"
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Ordered from Lakeshore Catalog:  item #EE539

10 "Phonics Phones" for $45.00 each set

X 6 sets 


$270.00 subtotal

$19.58 tax

$40.50 standard S & H


$330.08 Total

Other funding sources

Excellence in Education is a wonderful resource to provide these phonics phones for our first graders to enhance their Daily 5 Read to Self.