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Ingrid Bourke
Grant Co-applicants
Kathee Hansen
School Site
Tahoe Lake Elementary
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Description (10 points)

In past years 3rd grade has made poetry writing one of our writing focuses.  We have compiled each student’s poetry at the end of the year and have created a personal poetry book for each child.  We would like to continue this tradition and are requesting funding to purchase “hard-covered 28 page blank books” which will then be transformed into a personal collection of poetry for each child.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students in third grade will benefit from this program, but particularly students with few of their own possessions.  At the end of the year each student will take home this book of poetry they have written throughout the year. Our main objectives are to:

  • Expose students to different styles of poetry

  • Teach students how to write poetry

  • Encourage different writing styles

  • Celebrate writing by publishing student work

Success of Program (10 points)

In the past the success of the program has been evident through the pride and joy the students express by creating a collection of poetry they wrote throughout the year. This is evident when they share their poems with the class during poetry recitals, when they illustrate their books, when they share them with their parents at Open House, and when they remind their teacher that they need more time to write more poetry to add to their collection. Success is also measured when students can evaluate and discuss poetry, identify characteristics of poetry, compare and contrast poetic styles and write poetry.

Implementation (10 points)

This program will be implemented throughout the year.  We begin writing poetry at the beginning of the year and build on it every month.  We explore different poets and different styles of poetry and then try out our own version of a specific type of poem (ie. diamante, cinquain, haiku, as well as free verse). The students will type or hand write their poems and then add them to their own poetry book.  They are given the opportunity to also illustrate their books. During the months of March, April and May the students perform poetry recitals on Friday to practice memorizing and reciting poetry to an audience. This allows them to explore different poetry and gain confidence and success reciting in front of a crowd.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes. The grant request includes a blank poetry book for each 3rd grade student.

This is a consumable item so it is not sustainable on site. But, it will be sustainable for each individual student. (My boys who are 18 and 20 years old still have their poetry books from 3rd grade!)
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$137 - Blank Bare Book #2705 70 @ $1.95 each
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pdf of shopping cart attached

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We do not have other funding sources for this item.