Portable Powered PA System for THS Band

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Dan Dickerman
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Music performance programs are, by their nature, deeply rooted in the process of learning through audio-centered engagement, and the experience of demonstrating and evaluating that learning through public performance. Over the past few years, the band director at Truckee High graciously has loaned the use of his personal PA hardware for playback of audio examples in classroom learning, and for use as a PA system when microphone amplification or other sound reinforcement is needed, such as when performing outside of the school at the annual Gala and at venues throughout Band Tour. We would now like to purchase an updated PA system which is dedicated for the school's use.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Outside of the classroom, a powered PA system gives the sound reinforcement needed to be heard in a larger space. When performing to moderate-sized crowds, it is necessary so that announcements or soloists can be heard throughout the audience. Within the classroom, a stereo PA pair is used to play musical examples to students with sufficient clarity as to be heard and analyzed by the student-musicians throughout the large room. 

Success of Program (10 points)

A reasonable PA system will be of sufficient audio quality for practical use, flexible enough to be used with the Band's existing audio equipment, and portable and reliable enough to be practical for the rigors of Band Tour performances.

Implementation (10 points)

The equipment for which we have obtained a quote is available now, and would arrive within a few days of ordering. The THS band already has related equipment (mixer, microphones, stands, electronic instruments) to use with it, and it would be put to classroom use as soon as it is unboxed.

This is a one-time purchase for solid-state hardware which should last reliably for many years to come.
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While the THS band has daily need to use such as system, we also have a good working relationship with other performing arts groups which use the room and adjacent stage from time-to-time, and would expect that these groups would similarly make use of the system.

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$1358 - Pair QSC K12.2 Powered Loudspeaker System
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While we appreciate that classroom sound amplification systems are specifically called-out by the grant guidelines as part of MeasureU-funded projects, we have confirmed with Rob Koster that an audio system for the THS Band room is not currently in-scope for bond-measure related classroom improvements. As the requested system is for both classroom and portable use, it also falls outside the scope of traditional, fixed-classroom enhancements.