Portable Staging for Performing Arts

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Jen McMaster
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Class and grade level performances are an integral part of the learning experience for all students at Tahoe Lake.  All grade levels do a yearly performance, and several classes do individual performances on top of the grade level performances.  Additionally, there are fall and spring schoolwide musical performances and the schoolwide talent show. At Tahoe Lake we have the Little Auditorium for class perfomances, but it is not big enough for grade level performances as the stage and audience space are limited. We also do not have any stage access while we are at Rideout, and don't want to discontinue our performances that are connected to curriculum and key in developing student confidence and voice. We are hoping to buy portable staging that will allow us to have performances during our time at Rideout and to take with us when we return to Tahoe Lake to support student performances.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Research has shown that participation in the performing arts is linked to higher student achievement, confidence and presentation skills, problem solving and perseverance, and empathy and compassion.  Class and grade level plays are important part of the learning experience at Tahoe Lake, and we have seen first hand the benefits of participation in performances for all students, especially in terms of language development and confidence in speaking.  Performances also create stronger connections amongst students and support a positive and collaborative schoolwide culture.

Success of Program (10 points)

If we are able to purchase this portable staging, we will be able to more successfully continue our class and grade level performances while in our temporary location at Rideout and when back at Tahoe Lake.  

Implementation (10 points)

The staging will be used by all grade levels for class and grade level plays, as well as for school wide performances.

Equipment will be carefully stored to ensure years of use.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, it will be used schoolwide.

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$2160 - AmTab Fixed Height Staging (36" W x 48" L x 16" H)
$32 - AmTab Stage Skirting
$560 - AmTab Stage and Riser Guard Rail
$750 - Pipe and Drape Stage Curtains for Portable Staging
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Most items are available on Amazon and eligible for free shipping.

Other funding sources

None available at this time.